Zodiac Element: Fire

Ruling Planet: Mars

Compatible star signs: Leo, Taurus, Sagittarius and Gemini

Aries is a very enterprising, ambitious, impulsive, and enthusiastic person who is always full of energy. Aries is a pioneer both in his ideas and action, a person open to everything new and also very freedom-loving. These people are not afraid of facing the challenges, they won’t change their targets. Aries are born leaders who sincerely care about all their subordinates, but they won’t be shy to use them to reach their aim though. Lots of energy makes Aries aggressive and anxious, hard-working and fast in business. They act before they think and their adventurous nature might lead them to spontaneous decisions. Aries are extremely trusting, they can naively fail to see the obvious things that are going on just in front of their nose. They have a great ability to settle themselves into shape as well as recover their power and believe in the best future.

Aries ruling planet is Mars and it is loaded with physical energy. Considering this and their competitive and adventurous nature it is no surprise that there are many Aries among sportsmen. It is regarded as one of the most masculine signs but powerful feminine traits also influence Aries making it a highly interesting sign. Women of Aries are generally strong due to the male energy of the star sign and this might lead to a troublesome love life. An Aries woman needs a strong partner in order to deal with her powerful energy. An Aries male however is in need for a true feminine partner to balance his masculinity and support his feminine traits. Aries love freedom and are likely to break out of a relationship if the partner becomes controlling and possessive. Love to an Aries is strong and passionate and not something evolving through time. Either there is love or not. This often leads to short-time relationships, but when the Aries finds the one it lasts forever. Leos and Sagittarius are likely to be a good match whereas Pisces and Virgo might not be the best partner for an Aries.

Since the traits of Aries are strong and can sometimes lead to an egoistic outlook on life it is important for Aries to remember that people are different and that they might not possess the same quickness and power. It could also be positive to calm the strong energies and combine them with patience and softness for a more balanced person.

Famous Aries are among others Lady Gaga, Emma Watson, Leonardo da Vinci, Vincent van Gogh, and Ronaldhino.