Zodiac Element: Air

Ruling Planet: Uranus and Saturn

Compatible star signs: Aries, Gemini, Libra, and Sagittarius

People born under this Zodiac sign have a great ability to plan the course of things in a very unique way not available for other Signs. Communication is the strongest feature of Aquarius, he or she is a very talkative and pleasant person for a conversation and is never boring. They also love to make people laugh and cheer them up, and it makes them feel good to make others feel good.

Aquarians like to do something useful with their lives, and are always good with other people, that’s why they make excellent politicians and social workers/psychologists. They are progressive thinkers and are great at forming new ideologies and theories, any type of research suits Aquarius well.

Aquarius people are well matched with Geminis, Libras, and Aquarians and are lucky enough to be without any particular bad match.

Famous Aquarians are Cristiano Ronaldo, Justin Timberlake, Jennifer Aniston, Abraham Lincoln, and Thomas Edison.