MAY 21 - JUNE 21

Zodiac Element: Air

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Compatible star signs: Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Libra, Aquarius, Aries and Taurus

Gemini are extremely curious, sometimes mischievous and capricious, but at the same time many-sided people who always want to know more about everything, but not about something specific as variety is the aim of their lives. They are blessed with a developed intellect and love to use it in communication and expression. These traits are not weakened, but are rather strengthened as the years go by.

Geminis have a reputation of being unstoppable chatterboxes who can keep talking for hours. Those Geminis who do not possess this ability might be great writers or be good at learning languages. Geminis are always surrounded by rumors, they are often in the center of attention since they are very unique and live unordinary lives. Their company is desirable and their personalities are admired. Success might be achieved in many fields, however, their inconsistency and lust for adventure may prevent them from success.

Since being a Gemini will bring about a risk for burning yourself out since there so much to do in the world, it is important to rest and slow down at times.

Geminis seek lovers who excite and stimulate them, and will try their luck with several partners before finding the one. Once a partner who matches their own wit and energy is found, Geminis are ready for a long-lasting commitment. Love is probably to be found in the signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius whilst Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces might leave a Gemini without butterflies in the stomach.

Johnny Depp, Marylin Monroe, Tupac, Che Guevara, and Venus Williams were all born under the sign of Gemini.