Aries and Leo

Light heart
Sparks will fly when these two Fire Signs, passionate and dynamic, come together in a love affair. Aries and Leo have boundless energy, so both will always be on the go. Although they may disagree often, their differences of opinion don’t last long — Aries is too busy moving on to the next challenge to hold a grudge. Aries gives Leo the assertiveness to charge ahead and take chances, while Leo can help teach Aries to stabilize and follow things through. These partners have genuine admiration for each other, but can be impatient and proud as well, and their egos are equally large. While Leo likes to be adored, which easily-bored Aries may not want to provide, Aries may also be bothered by Leo’s flirtatious nature. Despite their sometimes noisy differences, Aries often looks to Leo as a guide or counselor. Both Signs are usually respected by others and it’s important that this respect exists within the relationship as well. Since both Aries and Leo are masculine energy archetypes, they are highly compatible and understand each other well, thus making a powerful team. In this partnership there’s always competition as to who’s in charge, even in minor deals. But they’re both loyal and care about each other deeply, and when they can understand there doesn’t have to be a boss, their relationship can be exciting bliss.
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