Capricorn Horoscope

Learn the best garden ideas for your zodiac sign!

Your garden is to be comfortable because you belong to one of the most comfort-loving signs of the Zodiac. You’d like to arrange a small vegetable plot and plant a few tomatoes and eggplants there. The flowers that are to decorate your garden should also be traditional like chrysanthemums, bellflowers, columbines or daisies. Pansies and delphinium will suit you perfectly, too.

Your sign is the one of slow growth, so the trees that are to be in your garden are the slowly growing ones like oaks, boxwoods or Bristlecone pines. The herbs like comfrey, alfalfa or red clover will give extra strength to your bones and are therefore the most favorable for you. To decorate your garden choose club chairs and a comfortable square table.

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