Taurus Horoscope

Find out what foods and beverages suit every sign best!

Despite the fact Taurus people love chocolate-based dishes, many of them don’t want to waste this precious ingredient preferring to drink something more trivial – like good beer, for example. When it comes to food, Taureans love meals with such irreplaceable ingredients as creams and sauces. Besides, you will like it if your meal includes meat, potatoes, rice, or beans.

The tastiest fruits Taurus representatives will surely enjoy are apples, bananas, cherries, pears, and peaches. Among vegetables, choose tomatoes, peas, and spinach. The best grains for your sign include barley, rye, and wheat while the best spices and herbs are clover, black pepper, curry, and parsley. Add these ingredients to your dishes to make sure your diet is healthy and nutritious!

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