Aries Horoscope

Find out what foods and beverages suit every sign best!

Aries natives belong to the fiercest sign of the zodiac, and this fact can’t but tell on their perfect drink. If you’re thinking about a beverage for an Aries person, opt for a shot of vodka or tequila – it’s enough to help him or her relax and feel less nervous. As for foods, it’s better to select the ones that correspond to the energy of Aries ruling planet (Mars) and element (Fire) – aggressive and bright.

When choosing your best nurturing food, it’s better to settle on grilling meals made of lamb, mutton, or goat. The fruits for your sign include grapefruit and watermelon, your ideal veggies are carrots, onions, and radishes, and the herbs and spices that suit Aries best are basil, cardamom, cinnamon, and peppermint. 

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