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Hey, zodiac signs, make room! Ophiuchus is here to join in!

 Are you keeping up with your horoscope readings? NASA claims you may be following someone else's predictions! For millennia, the astrological calendar has been a stable entity. Everyone's star signs were assigned based on the constellation that was opposite Earth (behind the Sun) at the moment when a person was born. 

 However, the Earth's orbit has changed, thus changing the position of the Sun and, consequently, the sign behind it. So, basically, every bit of astrological knowledge you had is now subject to reasonable doubt! NASA claims that the Earth's axial tilt is now different from the one it had 3,000 years ago, when ancient Babylonians created the zodiac.

 Now some adjustments are needed to make the zodiac as accurate and reliable as we used to believe it was. The main adjustment is the addition of a new sign – Ophiuchus, or Serpent-bearer. It will be assigned to people born from November 30 to December 18. Ophiuchus made its first appearance in 1995, and has since then gained immense popularity in Japan. Moreover, in 1970 some scientists suggested that an even bigger zodiac system should be introduced, with Cetus (Whale) being the 14th sign. So, here's a new zodiac calendar, according to NASA's adjustments:

Aries – April 19 – May 13

Taurus – May 14 – June 19

Gemini – June 20 – July 20

Cancer – July 21 – August 9

Leo – August 10 – September 15

Virgo – September 16 – October 30

Libra – October 31 – November 22

Scorpio – November 23 – November 29

Ophiuchus – November 30 – December 17 (New!)

Sagittarius – December 18 – January 8

Capricorn – January 9 – February 15

Aquarius – February 16 – March 11

Pisces – March 12 – April 18

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