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Magic 8 Ball

Probably, the simplest way to ask for advice.

The popular fortune-telling device known as Magic 8 Ball has always fascinated people all around the globe with its accurate (well, not always accurate) answers and tips. Whenever you have a yes/no question in mind, you can use the toy to ask for guidance.

It’s not really magical…

Well, there’s indeed no magic involved but for those who believe, even something as ordinary as this can have magical properties. Asking a Magic 8 Ball for guidance is somewhat similar to flipping a coin: it will not actually settle the question for you, but in that brief moment when the coin is still in the air, you suddenly realize what you are hoping for.

But it’s still really fun

It can help you make a decision (when two decisions seem equally good – or equally bad – to you) and it’s a good way to have fun with your friends. Ask all the questions that come to mind and laugh together!

What’s inside the ball?

If you’ve ever wondered what is inside this toy, here’s your answer. Magic 8 balls are made from plastic and are filled with a dark-colored liquid. Their construction is pretty simple. When cracking a Magic 8 Ball, you will find a cylindrical reservoir containing a white die floating in alcohol with dissolved dark blue dye. Each of the 20 faces of the die has an affirmative, negative or non-committal statement.

Who invented it?

Magic 8 Ball was invented by Albert C. Carter, inspired by a spirit writing device used by his mother, a Cincinnati clairvoyant. Later, the toy was marketed and sold as the Syco-Slate. Though unsuccessful, the product caught the attention of Brunswick Billiards. In 1950 they made a version in the form of a traditional 8-ball, possibly inspired by a gag in the 1940 short film You Nazty Spy.

Is it possible to use it for free?

Signs point to yes. In fact, there’s no need to buy an actual toy – you can use this online simulation. It works exactly like the real one: you think of a yes/no question and let the ball do the rest. No matter what you need to do: make an important decision or just have fun with friends asking silly questions, your Magic 8 Ball is here for you and ready to help!

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