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If you and a romantic interest go to the same gym, Monday would be a good day to start going together. (If you already work out together but haven't been in a while, it'd be a good day to go back.) It'd be one more excuse to spend time together. And the extra shot of endorphins to your brain would be a preemptive strike against the swirling emotions of Tuesday and Wednesday -- passionate, intense days. (Jealousy, anyone?) Thursday through Saturday aren't romantic per se, though you do have plenty of time to take the long view on your life, and love is certainly top-of-mind these days. Sunday's enlightening.


It's no secret that you're feeling sensitive on Monday and Tuesday. Everyone can see it. Recognize that you're not in the frame of mind to make the shrewdest decisions, what with all of the emotions roiling inside of you. Good news: You can expect to be on better footing on Wednesday. The middle of the week is not an ideal time for assuming any financial risks, but not because you're upset or distracted; on the contrary, you can see things very clearly, and your sense of timing is impeccable. You're at your happiest and most grounded this week on Friday, when some work-related travel is discussed. Exciting!

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