Scorpio Horoscope

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If you have to make a decision about your romantic life, Monday isn't the day to do it. As a matter of fact, Monday isn't the day to make decisions of any importance at all. (Everything is extra-confusing, and what seems like the right thing in the present moment won't seem that way later.) Tuesday and Wednesday you barely have to decide anything, what with your natural energy guiding you in the right direction. Thursday through Saturday your personal life is very influenced by something you've been reading -- a novel, maybe? -- and by someone you think is particularly attractive.


For no good reason, your colleagues are congregating around your work area on Monday. On Tuesday -- same story. There's something about you that's intoxicating to them. Their flattery, in return, intoxicates you. Wednesday and Thursday find you saying and doing things that you wouldn't normally say or do for the benefit of the crowd -- and also because the crowd coaxes certain buried qualities out of you. You're growing professionally as well as personally. Friday sees a return to basics, to the conduct that has gotten you this far. You end the week with a new view on your job.

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