Aries Horoscope

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If something about Monday seems off, strange, a little slanted, consider that you-know-who is frustrated about something and they don't know how to tell you. It's possible you're being, well, selfish -- and that's preventing you from seeing what's upsetting them (or that itself is what's so upsetting). Lavish them with attention and affection and you'll get a great response. Tuesday and Wednesday are slow and unromantic, but Thursday through Saturday have a big-budget action movie's worth of adventure. With a possible romantic subplot. Sunday returns you to the real world.


Monday and Tuesday you're under a rock. That's what the days feel like -- cold, not very interesting, heavy. Then, on Wednesday, the rock lifts and your day is full of sunshine, tall blades of grass... a fascinating new landscape. A sense of adventure prevails. A work-related mission on Thursday forces you to interact with a perfect stranger; you two get along incredibly well. Friday finds you trying to articulate the week's successes to other people. You are perhaps a bit too worried about your reputation. Focus on doing quality work. The rewards are on their way.

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