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Monday is so wonderful -- so casually romantic and cute and exhilarating -- that no other day this week lives up to it. So really lean into it; really apply yourself. And if someone says something funny that you'll want to remember later, write it down (or else you'll forget). Tuesday and Wednesday are about as far from being romantic as possible, but Thursday through Saturday have definite romantic potential. Intellectual connection is in the stars. A long, wandering chat about, well, anything at all, while sitting in comfy chairs? Sounds like a perfect idea for a date.


Sink your roots in deep on Monday and Tuesday. Business development is your top concern. You're motivated for somewhat personal reasons -- the more business you generate, the more you stand to earn -- but so is everyone who's passionate about their career. Wednesday and Thursday find you in an exploratory mode. What you're sniffing around for is new business, but new business, obviously, arises from relationships. So you're building relationships. At least you are until the end of the week. On Friday, you don't feel like yourself. Saturday is much the same way, but Sunday you turn a new leaf.

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