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The challenges you face at work this week are actually pretty interesting, and you're okay with not thinking about your love life for a while. The problem on Monday isn't that you have no energy; you have tons of it, but every time you apply yourself, something goes awry. On Tuesday or Wednesday, you'll make an excellent decision. (It will pay off again and again.) Thursday through Saturday you have the sense that what you're trying to get done is impossible. It's not. The best way to describe Sunday is that it's like sliding into home base. And someone might be there waiting to give you a kiss.


The detachment you experience on Monday and Tuesday is actually quite useful. It allows you to view the big picture (as evidenced by the accumulation of many smaller trends) with a cold eye. That, in turn, leads to making better business decisions. Wednesday and Thursday, the most important thing is structure: Do everything you do with a purpose and a goal in mind. On Friday, several of your goals will be accomplished in tidy succession. While it appears magic to everyone else, you've been slaving to make that happen.

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