Virgo Horoscope

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Don't expect many developments in your love life this week, but do expect your career to stretch you in interesting new directions. Monday and Tuesday are like yoga; the more flexible you are, the better. (What with everyone else being so rigid.) Wednesday and Thursday are calming, mostly because you get a chance to create order out of chaos (which is when you truly nerd out) but also because you have a moment to do some Internet research about unique dates you and you-know-who could go on. Friday, Saturday or Sunday, do something splashy together. Waterpark, anyone?


Monday and Tuesday could not be better days around the office. Whereas last week was a blurry watercolor, today is a photo-realistic oil painting in stunning color. Everything is in its place and makes sense, and seems to suggest a wonderful future. This optimism is what compels you to begin a new project (or three). Wednesday through Friday, as excited about these new projects as you are, don't just throw a bunch of cash at them willy-nilly. It's simply not the smart thing to do. Instead, invest in the people involved -- take an interest in their ideas and let them have a say.

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