Virgo Horoscope

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Monday and Tuesday are perfect nights for romantic dinners for two in unusual places. If you never cook, why not make it your house? Things are kind of hard to deal with in the middle of the week, but as long as you keep playing, you should do just fine and keep from losing any ground. As the weekend overtakes you, it becomes easier and easier to spend time with groups of strangers -- so that big party should be lots more fun than you expect, with or without a date!


There's really no way to say how Monday and Tuesday will go for you at work, what with all the variables at play. What can be said confidently is that your happiness is entirely within your control. Wednesday and Thursday, you're energized by being around other people, so pile as many into your Volkswagen as possible. It isn't until Friday that you take a step back and think, 'Okay, maybe I need some alone time.' And by all means, take some. After all, there are some overbearing people at work (on Friday) and in your personal life (this weekend).

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