Taurus Horoscope

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You are finding it easier than ever to relate to creative endeavors and early this week that pays off big-time as you connect in a new way to the right person. Spending time in a gallery turns you on in just the right way. Let others make the big decisions about money midweek, even if it means you've got to pay. Starting Friday, you're more in touch with your feelings and easily able to confide in others -- so what are you waiting for?


Planning important long-term projects isn't the best use of your energy on Monday and Tuesday. Try focusing on someone's face instead. See if you can figure out what they aren't saying in addition to what they are. Your ability to anticipate other people's needs sets you apart from the masses -- and makes you particularly valuable. Wednesday and Thursday continue along the communication theme -- people, not projects, take priority -- and Friday brings about the biggest challenge in communicating you've faced in a while. Call upon your heroic tolerance to finish your week on a good note.

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