Sagittarius Horoscope

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It may feel pretty mundane, but Monday and Tuesday are all about chores and basic responsibilities in your life. Make games out of them or find ways to inject a little romance into daily life. You may want to overbook yourself in the middle of the week because that will actually feel like the right level of activity for your hyperactive mind. The weekend is best for long, meandering discussions that seem to go nowhere but actually reveal deep secrets.


The best thing to do on Monday and Tuesday is to keep busy, but this is contrary to your nature early in the week. You're longing for meaningful, rewarding connections with your colleagues. Don't put other things on hold waiting though, because this just isn't in the stars until the end of the week. In the meantime, expect to be on a different planet than everyone else. Luckily, it's an amazingly productive planet. Wednesday and Thursday your ability to be successful directly corresponds to your ability to respond to unforeseen situations. At last, Friday comes around. Glorious, meaningful, wonderful Friday.

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