Pisces Horoscope

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Write out your feelings early this week -- and send them to your beloved or your crush, if you dare! Your way with words adds just the right sparkle to what you're feeling and you find it simple to share the love. You might be concerned on Wednesday and Thursday about a lack of clarity between you and that special someone, but things will improve quite a bit by the weekend. In fact, you find yourself enjoying the mystery rather than freaking out over it!


Once you're planted in your chair on Monday, you're not going to want to move. How much can you get done without getting up? Remarkably, a lot. Tuesday's the same: The phone and your email are your life. By Wednesday, it's time to get out from under your desk. Contrive to get out of the office. You may need to be creative in your excuses. On Thursday, something wonderful happens when you're out and about (although it might not have anything to do with work). On Friday, if your coworkers are driving you crazy, take a stand. The boss will approve.

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