Libra Horoscope

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Dinner and lunch dates are best for the early part of the week, as you find that food brings you closer together and gives you something to bond over in an earthy way. Wednesday and Thursday are good times to talk about the future -- you might get really worked up over something but in a very good way. Don't be too surprised or disappointed when things move more slowly than you would like this weekend, as it's just the way the world is working.


Someone you really get along with -- someone you have an intuitive sense for and a lot in common with -- makes Monday and Tuesday a blast at work. You're able to inspire each other in a way that isn't hokey at all. And because you're getting so much done, you don't feel bad about the goofing around you're also doing. Wednesday and Thursday are pretty much devoid of goofing around (you can turn it off when you need to), but Friday is like a music video in the office. You're whistling pop songs, people are skipping out of the elevator ... Who knew work could be such a party?

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