Capricorn Horoscope

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Remember to relax early this week, especially if you're out on an intense date. You're feeling pretty good, but it's just all too easy for you to wind yourself up and forget to breathe naturally. The middle of the week is perfect for long talks, though you may not want to delve too deeply into any one particular subject -- it could spoil the mood! Your energy this weekend is perfect for socializing, so parties and double dates feel just right as long as you're in the right company.


Don't be afraid to cut lots of verbiage out of a business document at the start of the week. Sometimes more words only lead to more confusion. And if it turns out later that you need some of those words back, well, that's easy. Efficiency is at a premium all week. If there's a new person in the office on Wednesday or Thursday, consider them the priority and don't worry about making small talk with the regular crowd. Friday is not the most relaxing day of your career, but it flies by. Expect your coworkers to be running around complaining that they don't have the time they need.

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