Cancer Horoscope

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Monday and Tuesday are perfect for making romantic suggestions -- nobody can resist your charm! Even your wildest ideas will at least get fair hearings and who knows what will happen after that? Midweek is a time of self-determination for you and there's no advice columnist in the world who knows how to handle your issues better than you do. Take center stage and all the adulation that goes with it this weekend. Your emotional energy is powerful and you give quite a performance!


There may be a long tradition of doing things a certain way at your workplace, but that doesn't mean you should stop innovating. You have a talent for innovation, especially on Monday and Tuesday -- you're good at reconsidering something in a real way, and for sharing your discoveries to change people's minds. Wednesday and Thursday, new beginnings are a theme -- thanks to you -- and you come to recognize the stress of being the one who had the idea for something in the first place. It's a good sort of stress to get used to. Friday you have your sights on bigger and bigger goals.

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