Aries Horoscope

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You start the week with some self-doubt, but that won't last -- it never does with you. Try not to let it cramp your style and think about playing a little hard to get. Take extra care with your words on Wednesday and Thursday, because if you rush through what you're trying to say, it's dead certain your message will be garbled. The weekend is all about home for you, so it may be time for you to reconnect with your domestic instincts or snuggle up with someone cozy.


You know the saying 'less is more'? Make that your mantra on Monday and Tuesday. As far as Mondays and Tuesdays go, this week's aren't bad -- you're full of energy, fairly inspired, not too stressed and challenged in ways you like. Wednesday and Thursday, on the other hand, are challenging in ways you're not too fond of, but work isn't the issue. The issue is grounded in the personal or family realm. On Friday, just as the workweek is drawing to a close, things start to go really well on every front -- especially at work. You're practically showing off at this point.

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