Scorpio Horoscope

Then it's time to learn what to expect from the final month of 2016!

Feelings will flood you, as Venus enters Aquarius on December 7. Stay with the ones you love most to cope with the emotional overload. With Mercury moving into Capricorn December 2, you’ll feel a surge of mental energy. Surprisingly, when it turns retrograde, the energy will only increase further, but it will overwhelm you and you will find it hard to channel it into anything productive.

Some communication issues may arise, too, as you’ll have problem expressing your ideas clearly. This will continue till the beginning of the new year, so brace yourself and sit tight for a month. In the end, Uranus will end its retrograde and give control over the changes you want to make back to you. The change of moon phase will also take its toll on you: December full moon will give you a more complex perspective of the world, while the new moon on December 29 will join its forces with Mercury in retrograde and help you reconnect with your past to revisit an old issue and deal with it.

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