Leo Horoscope

Then it's time to learn what to expect from the final month of 2016!

With Venus entering your opposing sign of Aquarius on December 7, you will enjoy a more agreeable state of mind and socialize eagerly. Starting with December 19, Mars in Pisces will improve your skills of handling others’ money (taxes, loans, etc.) more time around people. With Sun in Capricorn (December 21), you’ll be more efficient with your grand plans, checking the items off one by one.

You may get a more realistic perspective of life, brought to you by Mercury in Capricorn. However, do your best to sort through all the fine print before it turns retrograde mid-December and takes away the superpower of seeing the details. Try to maintain a healthier lifestyle to find more use in Uranus finally ending its 6-month-long retrograde – you are now in control of all the changes and experience you get! Create your own opportunities; with a full moon in Gemini that occurs on December 13 you will make better choices and pursue your dreams. A new moon in Capricorn on December 29 may give you an idea to go back to an old employer or redo some work to ensure a better result.

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