Gemini Horoscope

Then it's time to learn what to expect from the final month of 2016!

Your ruling planet Mercury enters Capricorn and then turns retrograde in December, which means you have to try and jam as many serious issues, research and learning in the time period from December 2 to 19. After that, unfortunately, you will feel down emotionally, experience mood swings. Remind yourself to shake it off from time to time and wait for the negative impact to end in early January 2017.

Sun in Capricorn will give you discipline you need to get down to the heart of serious matters. And with Uranus finally ending its months-long retrograde on December 29, it’s the best time to make positive changes in life, not tiny ones, but huge, starting from the very core and leading all the way up. You won’t be bothered by anything superficial, and as a new moon occurs in Capricorn, you may find a chance to reconnect with old business partners and do something of mutual benefit or finally solve a long-standing issue.

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