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Cancer Horoscope

Then it's time to learn what to expect from the final month of 2016!

Mars in Pisces will make you see the world as a green and easy place and it will really be easier, as your increased boldness will make you see and grab more opportunities in traveling, learning, teaching or anything else that is connected to expanding your mind.

As the Sun enters Capricorn - the sign that is opposite yours in the zodiac - you’ll start enjoying being around people, especially close ones, around. And the celestial influences will make you come across as more charming and compromising, especially since December 2, when Mercury enters Capricorn. Make sure you settle every social issue you have before December 19 – Mercury will turn retrograde in Capricorn on that day, thus creating complications in your social relationship. Don’t worry – you’ll get back on track when Uranus ends its 6-months’ retrograde on December 29.

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