Aries Horoscope

It’s time to learn what to expect from the final month of 2016!

December will start with an auspicious period for making new connections. Venus will move to the air sign Aquarius, thus ensuring a satisfying result from any activity you take up. And Mercury entering Capricorn on the 2nd of December will help you be as concentrated as ever and work towards the achievement of your goals with increased energy.

On December 13, a full moon will occur in Gemini to quicken your senses and improve your social skills. With your ruling planet Mars in Pisces in mid-December, you may feel that your energy starts running low because of all that socializing. Take enough time to rest and recharge, focus on your subconscious to figure out what is standing in your way. And with Uranus ending its retrograde in your sign on December 29, you will stop adjusting to the circumstances

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