Aquarius Horoscope

Then it's time to learn what to expect from the final month of 2016!

Romantic Venus moves into your sign on December 7, so feel free to enjoy yourself and be charming with everyone . Mars’s opposing influence will help you manage your energy and find an additional source of income like a second job or learn to earn from your hobby. Try to control your spending, though.

Sun staying in Capricorn since December 21 allows you to feel like yourself only when you are not bothered (or even witnessed) by others. When Mercury turns retrograde on December 19, you’ll lack stamina and concentration needed to think things through. You’ll have to deal with the same issues repeatedly and be haunted by your own subconscious. Wait till the beginning of the new year and it will all pass. Uranus ending its retrograde on December 29 will also improve your ability to focus. And a new moon that occurs on the same day makes the time auspicious for dealing with an issues from the past or a secret that cannot be kept any longer.

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