Scorpio Horoscope

Comical Zodiac: your funny horoscope with a grain of truth

Scorpios get into computers very early; in fact, most hackers are Scorpios, as well as most people who try to find their fame on a chat board. Scorpios embarrass Libras because they prefer their coffee black, eaten straight out of the bag with a spoon. They hold a grudge about being victim of a government conspiracy or never having been abducted by aliens. 

Some Scorpios can successfully smoke in the shower. They have a master plan for world domination, but it will never work out, because they are in the lead. Halloween is Scorpios’ favorite holiday – it is the only time when they can feel haunted, be hysterical or even impersonate Doctor Who without the danger of getting arrested. Scorpios love giving advice, especially if the matter does not in any way concern them.

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