Feng Shui Colors: Invite Luck into Your Life

Find out what colors are beneficial for all Chinese Zodiac signs and what colors should be avoided by some!
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Are you following feng shui fashion trends? No? Well, you should, because according to this ancient practice, some colors can bring you luck and prosperity! 

Lucky Colors for All Chinese Signs Based on Feng Shui

Add these to your home or outfits for auspiciousness!


Hot and passionate, this is the shade of seduction, luck, creativity, and happiness. It’s undeniably attention-grabbing and never goes out of fashion. The color represents boldness and is able to give you courage whenever you need it. Remember that this color is stimulating, so if you suffer from anxiety, it’s not a good fit for you! 

This hue should also be avoided by OX, PIG, MONKEY, and SNAKE natives. For inspiration, try purple instead. For strength, use golden or silver. 


This is a very positive hue that reminds us of summertime and can be used to warm up your house. It is an excellent choice for your living room or kitchen but should be avoided in your bedroom because it is too strong. Wear orange to bring comforting and positive energies.

Color orange brings out positive energies

However, orange is bad for DRAGON natives. Use pink or red instead. 


Green may be of great help when you need to relax. It’s well known that this shade calms your nerves and can greatly reduce anxiety. If you think you’re irritated all the by time because of irrelevant things, try wearing green or using it in home decor. If you can’t avoid things that enrage you, this color will help you with anger management. 

DOG and RABBIT natives are advised to ignore this color, though. Try silver or blue instead. 


This is a very powerful color that is connected with loyalty, honesty, and may even boost your immunity and make your body stronger. It protects your body from common colds and makes regeneration faster. The color also helps you find harmony and peace. Deep blue represents confidence and youth, so it can be used in your teen’s room. Darker blue can also symbolize wisdom and introspection. If you suffer from insomnia, blue can promote high-quality sleep. 

Blue promotes harmony and peace

Aqua blue is associated with healing in feng shui. This is an excellent choice for all signs because it brings relaxation and clear thinking. It promotes expansion and gentle growth in all areas of your life, including career, love, and family. Try wearing it if you suffer from chronic fatigue or stress.


This regal shade is all about inspiration. It makes us more creative and feeds the most important parts of our brain, so we recommend wearing purple or using it in interior design if you’re facing writer’s block or just need fresh ideas. Lighter shades may be used to represent romance or calmness in the bedroom. 

For HORSE and ROOSTER natives, purple is not the best choice. Red is safe for your sign, though.


Caring and soft or gleeful and courageous, this color is associated with compassion or romance. It has a positive effect in every sphere: it makes you calmer or gives you vigor. It is considered to be the perfect shade for your bedroom or nursery. 

Color pink is cheerful and courageous

Pink doesn’t suit GOAT and RAT natives. Use red (for passion and courage) or green (for relaxation) instead. 

Golden and silver

These beautiful hues are suitable for jewelry and home decor. Golden is associated with power and strength, while silver has a soothing effect. 

Metallic grey is very similar to silver. It is calming, clarifying color is appropriate in places devoted to meditation or thinking. Because it promotes focus and understanding and brings sharp energies that allow you to achieve your goals, it has a beneficial effect in offices. Wear it when you want to feel calm or when you need to make an important decision.


This color is connected with business, wellness, and mental health. We recommend wearing white if things are getting a bit too stressful for you to handle. If you have an important work-related meeting and need to calm down, try wearing jewelry, accessories, or even makeup with white elements. 

Color white helps fight stress

White should be avoided by TIGER natives. Go with silver instead. 

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