Cancer and Cancer

Light heart
Two Cancerians make a deeply devoted duo and can build a loving and yet very emotional domestic relationship. Both will learn the ins-and-outs of their partner; both will find great comfort and satisfaction in their underlying commitment to one another. This couple is faithful and caring, helpful and sympathetic of individual needs and very oriented toward making a home and creating a sense of family. Once safely entrenched in their personal sanctuary, the moody Crab may forget about the world outside; Cancer never hesitates to defend a loved one if threatened. While their mood swings may injure each other’s feelings, it’s a Cancer’s subtle mastery of the fine art of emotional manipulation that one should watch out for. The Moon, the maternal orb of the heavens, is the celestial force behind Cancer’s care-giving nature. Instinct and emotion drive this relationship. With these deep, intense intuitive powers comes fragility, as Cancer’s feelings are brittle and easily hurt. So often retreating to their shells can put a strain on any relationship with a Cancer, but two Crabs together will hopefully be perceptive of each other’s needs for personal space and temporary time-outs. The best thing about the Cancer-Cancer love match is their utter devotion to enriching their commitment and the strong emotional bond between them. Together, this pair will protect one another and keep their love safe from the outside world, as well as work toward creating a happy domestic life and nurturing a loving family.
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