Zodiac Tidbits: Fun Facts About All Signs

By Tassie Zingaro Sep 27, 2021
Thought you knew all about yourself? Get ready to be surprised!
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When reading horoscopes, you seek guidance in your family life, career, and other important matters. But who said horoscopes can’t be a source of amusing tidbits about your sign as well?

Read fun facts about your sign

Origins, peculiar behavior patterns, symbols, and secret signs – discover new amusing tidbits about the zodiac personalities! Read fun facts about your sign and get ready to be surprised! And don’t forget to take a look at the curiosities other signs conceal!


It's not coincidental that a vast majority of horoscopes start with Aries: after all, this sign corresponds to the beginning of spring meaning it's the first cardinal sign of the year. Aries promises not only the rejuvenation of nature but also new inspiration.

Given Aries' nature, people born under this sign are most likely to generate innovative ideas and unexpected solutions. This also entails a greater degree of self-reflection. Generally, Aries natives find themselves re-evaluating their life goals more often than other people.

Fun facts about Aries


Like many other constellations, Taurus got its name from the Ancient Greek myths. Once Zeus fell in love with a beautiful mortal named Europa, but the king of gods could not find favor in her eyes until he turned into a stunning white bull.

Europa was mesmerized by the animal, and so Zeus succeeded in impressing her. As an expression of his gratitude, he put a bull (Taurus in Latin) in the sky and imbued Taureans with persistency and willingness to achieve their ends.

Fun facts about Taurus


Not only love affairs and career prospects but also criminal behavior is affected by stars. Gemini is a particularly gentle and peaceful sign, and its natives tend to be less violent and more law-abiding as they shun hurting other people.

The FBI statistics confirm that among criminals taken into custody there are fewer people born under Gemini than any other sign, and the reasons why they get behind bars is mostly thievery or fraud.

Fun facts about Gemini


There is another word you can use as a nickname for Cancer natives: moonchildren. This is a comparatively new term popularized during the late 60s and early 70s. The reason is quite obvious if you look up in the night sky.

Cancer undergoes many changes and metamorphoses during their life in a manner similar to the transformation of the Moon from a crescent to its full form. So it's quite natural that Cancer natives aren't created for stability; instead, their lives are quite often set on a different course.

Fun facts about Cancer


Despite the popular belief that opposite Zodiac signs are totally antagonistic and cannot cooperate, this couldn't be further from the truth. Signs opposite of each other possess identical aims but practice very different approaches to achieve them.

In the case of Leo, Aquarius is their opposite sign. Both of them are striving for being original and creative; the difference is that Leo tends to be more individualistic in doing so, and Aquarius is more collective-oriented. If they join, though, they are guaranteed success.

Fun facts about Leo


Virgo knows how to attract attention, which is unsurprising if you take into consideration that among Zodiac constellations Virgo is the largest. Virgo is also second in size only to Hydra if you count all 88 constellations in the sky.

If you want to look at your celestial protector, you won't have any particular problems. The light coming from Spica, a blue-white star in Virgo, is very bright and can easily be noticed on cloudless nights. You'll find this star if you manage to locate the Big Dipper, and then you have only to direct your eyes southeast.

Fun facts about Virgo


Every month has a specific birthstone associated with it, but Zodiac signs have unique gemstones as well. These gemstones serve the purpose of channeling the energy of planets and bringing favors of the universe to those who wear them.

As for Libra, their gemstone is smokey quartz. It's famous for warding off dangers, fostering creativity, and bringing celestial harmony into the life of its owner. Libra natives can get lots of things done with the aid of their Zodiac stone.

Fun facts about Libra


Surprisingly, the scorpion isn't the only symbol associated with Scorpio. This creature’s tendency to harm itself in a feat of rage is counterbalanced by insight and knowledge of the snake, which is also connected with Scorpio.

Firm resolve and an undying will to triumph are manifested by another Scorpio's aspect, the eagle. After all, the phoenix - a legendary creature capable of starting its life anew after the fall - does also belong to the sign of Scorpio.

Fun facts about Scorpio


Sagittarius is renowned for their resourcefulness and strong desire to move forward. It's quite fitting that the aspects of this fire sign include an archer and the planet of Jupiter. Quickness and disregard for carefulness are common for Sagittarius natives.

These traits also bring a rare advantage: people born under Sagittarius are most successful in pursuing careers in the entertainment business. Actors Brad Pitt or Sarah Paulson, and famous singers like Frank Sinatra and Taylor Swift are notable examples of this rule.

Fun facts about Sagittarius


Capricorn is a true bastion of reasonability, which explains why they are less susceptible to illusions and misconceptions that plague other signs. This allows Capricorn to discern the truth and discover their inner spirituality.

Environment, both personal and natural, is very important to Capricorn, which affects their particular manner of thinking. Capricorn's complexity is perfectly represented by their Ancient Greek symbol: a creature with the goat's torso and head and the fish tail.

Fun facts about Capricorn


It's hard to pin down the precise beginning and end of astrological ages, but most astrologists agree that we're on the brink of the Age of Aquarius. It's a 2,150-year-long period that will have a major impact on humanity.

The Age of Aquarius is also another term for the period of the New Age which started in the 60s. This era witnessed the birth of hippies and numerous movements seeking to liberate the human mind.

Fun facts about Aquarius


Numbers are an essential part of everyday life, and the same applies to Zodiac signs. Besides gemstones, planets, creatures, and other symbols, every sign has a particular number associated with it.

For Pisces, the lucky number is seven. It's closely tied with the spiritual world, personal growth, and pursuit of knowledge. If you notice an uninterrupted series of digit 7 on a usual day, like in your receipt, it will indicate Pisces’ benevolence to you.

Fun facts about Pisces
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