Zodiac Garden: Planting Tips for Your Sign

By Nataly Porter Sep 27, 2021
Get stunning garden ideas for all Zodiac signs!
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Spring is currently gaining momentum and both professional gardeners and amateur fruit-growers are looking forward to starting their planting business.

How to make your garden look perfect, based on your sign?

Read on to find out and get more gardening ideas for your friends and family!


The color that appeals to you most is red, so make sure your garden is filled with the plants and flowers that have red berries, petals of leaves. Your perfect choices may be holly bushes, red currant, or mountain ash. Other plants able to surprise you and make your garden look exactly as you want to are trees with thorns and prickles like nettles or cacti.

When choosing the herbs for your orchard opt for the ones with strong and distinctive aromas like garlic, rosemary or mustard. If you want to collect the energy of the universe, make the paths of your garden straight and wide. To increase the effect, pave them with red brick and make sure you have enough space for playing outdoor games like croquet or badminton.

Gardening Tips for Aries


Your perfect garden is destined to be abundant and fragrant. To feel closer to the earth, your element, make sure your garden faces southwest. Typically your trees are fruit-bearing (apple trees, pear trees or both); cypress will also be good for your orchard.

Choosing flowers for your garden think of something pleasant-smelling like lilacs, wisterias or sweet peas. Want to plant some herbs? Flavor is of major importance here, too, so opt for spearmint, basil, cilantro or rosemary. Being a genuinely avid gardener, you’d better have a shed that can be used to store special equipment or seeds.

Gardening Tips for Taurus


Your ideal garden is to face east and have enough space and light to give you the feeling of infinity and freedom. As nut-bearing trees stand for mind power they’ll suit your orchard perfectly; choose something like walnut trees, almond trees or hazelnut trees.

Some herbs are used to calm you down when you need it most, e.g. chamomile, holy basil or passion flower, so don’t hesitate to plant them in your garden. Flowers that are good at triggering the imagination of a Gemini native are the ones with fresh fragrance like lilies or lavender, so this spring you can plant them as well and let your orchard smell like the heavenly garden.

Gardening Tips for Gemini


The things that you’d appreciate most in your garden are quietness and tranquility. Place an asymmetrical pond to the center of your garden and accompany it with curved paths; make sure you keep the amount of straight lines in your orchard to a minimum.

The trees that will make the place look truly special are lemon trees, birches or hickories. You love white flowers, so to make your orchard radiate with white color plant lots of white roses, orchids, tulips and gerbera daisies. Finish off the whole picture with curved benches placed here and there – voila! Your passion for reclusion is completely satisfied.

Gardening Tips for Cancer


Leo natives love sunny days more than anything, so your ideal garden is to face south to get as many warm rays as possible. Your energy is bright and vibrant, so choose the flowers of orange and yellow color like sunflowers, begonias or chrysanthemums.

If your lawn is covered with dandelions, you shouldn’t worry that it looks either too monotonous or too primitive. When choosing trees you can plant citrus ones – they’ll make a perfect option for your sign (you can choose a lemon tree or an orange one). To complete the picture add a garden fire or an outdoor stove or, if the idea sounds too weird, surround the recreation area with strings of lights.

Gardening Tips for Leo


Your garden is to be well-structured and perfectly neat, and should necessarily face west. If you want to give an additional impulse to your brain make sure your lawn is spacious and well-trimmed, as it will inspire you greatly. Add the flowers of blue and yellow colors like aquilegia or blue cow-wheat as they truly reflect your attention to details.

Very often Virgo natives are adherents of herbal medicine, so try to plant more of basil, cinnamon, ginger or spearmint. As for your garden furniture, make a metal table of a round shape its centerpiece and surround it with side chairs. It will become a highly welcoming place for you and your guests to sit down and have a cup of herbal tea!

Gardening Tips for Virgo


Your garden is the reflection of your nature and it’s to be filled with trees and flowers with delicate leaves able to make your heart beat with excitement. When choosing the trees, pick something like Japanese maples or mulberry trees, and when planting flowers opt for those able to attract birds and bees – zinnias or impatiens.

The herbs that will surely strike root in your garden are flowering varieties – basil, rosemary, feverfew or bronze-leaved fennel. To make your garden look truly stunning, place a beautiful statue or a gazing ball in its center, as Libra representatives love manmade decorations not less than natural ones.

Gardening Tips for Libra


Your garden would be a far cry from typical gardens of other signs, as it should face north and remind of a distant oasis of a reclusive Scorpio. Choose the trees that are historically associated with your sign like blackthorn trees or alder trees. The flowers that you’ll plant in your garden should reflect your love for drama, so choose the most eye-catching flowers like calla lilies, Dutch tulips or roses.

Belonging to water signs, you’re to have some water feature in your garden to help you feel absolutely at ease. Make sure there’s a small fountain or at least a bird bath in it if you want your garden to suit your nature perfectly. As for herbs, opt for the ones that are historically linked to you like stinging nettle or basil.

Gardening Tips for Scorpio


The plants of your garden should grow and luxuriate, and there should be lots of them in it. To make sure the garden is able to fill you and your guests with energy keep all the hedges well-trimmed. Sagittarius natives are visionary people who like to look upwards, so fill your garden with tall trees and add a wooden garden gate.

To make your oasis look special add special plants that are not typical of most orchards like bamboo, Indian grass or birches. The flowers that will satisfy your need for beauty are to be of purple color like irises, verbenas, clematis or bellflowers. The herbs that’ll suit you are connected with your great intellect – it can be sage or feverfew. A picnic table and a couple of Adirondack chairs are the must-haves for your garden.

Gardening Tips for Sagittarius


Your garden is to be comfortable because you belong to one of the most comfort-loving signs of the Zodiac. You’d like to arrange a small vegetable plot and plant a few tomatoes and eggplants there. The flowers that are to decorate your garden should also be traditional like chrysanthemums, bellflowers, columbines or daisies. Pansies and delphinium will suit you perfectly, too.

Your sign is the one of slow growth, so the trees that are to be in your garden are the slowly growing ones like oaks, boxwoods or Bristlecone pines. The herbs like comfrey, alfalfa or red clover will give extra strength to your bones and are therefore the most favorable for you. To decorate your garden choose club chairs and a comfortable square table.

Gardening Tips for Capricorn


Aquarians love unconventional ways of life, and your garden should correspond to your inner state. Make it as unusual as possible and don’t forget that it should be filled with huge spaces. Trees that you grow must have silver leaves – think of something like poplar trees or Leucadendron argenteum (Silver tree). You have an exquisite taste, so choose orchids, bat flowers or hoya to surprise your guests and feel more comfortable there.

When selecting spices for your garden think of pepper or chili – these plants will make your senses sharper. If you’re still thinking over the decoration ideas for your orchard we can offer you a simple and impressive one – line the paths with white round pebbles that will be seen even from a distance.

Gardening Tips for Aquarius


You love to daydream, so your garden should assist you in it! A goldfish pond would definitely be a good idea, as it’s so relaxing to look at fish for minutes and hours. Add some water lilies to make it look stunning and eye-catching. Other flowers that you’ll like are lilacs, freesias and roses as their delicate fragrant will appeal to your senses.

Herbs that you’ll choose should also reflect your wish to spend time dreaming – plant mimosas or skull caps. The paths of your garden are to be full of grass and serpentine to make you feel as if you’re walking along a magic labyrinth. Moreover, your orchard should be kept away from prying eyes to become your shelter from the cruel outer world.

Gardening Tips for Pisces
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