Your Summer Tarot Prediction

By Diana Jun 13, 2024
Tarot card tips and insights for this summer are ready for you! Discover new opportunities and sources of inspiration.
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Summer season predictions are marked by the Summer Solstice and the reign of Cancer and Leo. And what do Tarot cards have to say about our future this summer? Three cards of the Tarot deck are ready to tell us what this season can bring. Without a doubt, The Sun is the card most associated with summer. The Chariot tarot card is related to Cancer. But there's one more summer-filled card, the Page of Cups, which has a special message to deliver.

Page of Cups

On the whole, there is a close relation between the suit of Cups and the element of Water, which, in its turn, is commonly associated with summer. The source of this connection is rooted in the zodiac sign Caner, which is a water sign and opens the summer season. Since the Page is the first of the four Court cards of Minor Arcana, as well as Cancer is the first Water sign, it is like the cardinal sign in Astrology. It embodies the beginning of a new season.

The Page of Cups is the card that signifies inspiration, togetherness, and development. These summer months are filled with a promise of new marvelous opportunities. You may yet be unaware of how to apply new advantages in reality, and it seems that outside forces make you tear about. The smart thing to do right now is to train your will and mind on achieving your goals.

The Sun

This Tarot card is the embodiment of life, energy, resilience, and enjoyment. Most cards in this suit represent small children, which marks their connection to youthfulness and new beginnings. Just like the Sun that gives warmth and light, which are essential for life itself, this Tarot card urges us to bring forth our true nature and share our inner light with others.

The Sun card reminds us of the importance of confidence. Be sure that what you are and what you have are enough. Accept your true self and be honest with yourself. When you know who you truly are and are ready to face your true self, you can no longer be stopped or delayed by criticism or disapproval. You should concentrate on staying optimistic, honest, and true to yourself. If you manage to remain ingenious, you can become a beacon and role model for the lost souls.

The Chariot

Although there's no direct connection between the Chariot Tarot card and summer, its significance is obvious via its association with the first zodiac sign of summer – Cancer. During the reign of Cancer, which is from June 21 to July 22, everyone will be able to feel the unyielding and focused power of the Chariot.

This Tarot card represents triumph, freedom, deserved recognition, and empowerment. The Chariot draws your attention to such opportunities as a move or travel. The wheels of the Chariot may take you to unexpected places and bring new people into your life. Be open to the new experience and enjoy your freedom, as it doesn't come so easily and often. But you should also be vigilant to the changes that happen in your life, as they often go with the errors of judgment. Be extra attentive while you move forward!

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