Worst Traits of Zodiac Signs: How to Fight Your Weaknesses

By Tassie Zingaro Sep 27, 2021
Learn what weak traits you have and how to turn them into your strengths based on your sign!
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You probably know everything about your zodiac sign: people you like, job you need, pets that make you happy, etc. But what about your weakest points that can irritate or even infuriate your close ones? 

What are the weakest traits of your sign?

Learn what drawbacks you’re to fight with and don’t let them complicate your life! Oh, and what are other sign's weakest traits? Find out to avoid all sorts of unwanted conflicts!


Most Aries natives are extremely impatient. If they want things they want them right here and right now and are not ready to wait even if it’s necessary. Being passionate people, they are short-tempered and impulsive and are sometimes persistent like small kids. Besides, they’re jealous and envious; be careful not to let these character traits spoil your life!

On the other hand, Aries representatives are frequently egoistic and dominant and hate it when things don’t go their way. Born as natural leaders, such people can even become aggressive if they see they’re unable to monitor things. Want to become a more balanced personality? Learn to control your emotions, don’t hurry all the time and don’t be so needlessly stubborn!

Aries bad traits


Almost all Taurus people’s drawbacks are interrelated and connected to their love for material things. Being highly materialistic, they love comfort and are frequently dominant. They may become possessive with both things and people and are very persistent if they want something. Try to take it easy and don’t get stuck on trifles!

Being stubborn, Taurus natives are surprisingly lazy, especially when they’re ordered to do something. It’s not easy for them to get used to changes, therefore they’re sometimes nervous and uneasy when they face new unexpected situations or are shy when they meet new people. Besides, they’re sometimes overcautious and extremely sensitive and find it hard to make the right decision.

Taurus bad traits


It’s not a surprise for you that your sign is symbolized by twins, but what does it mean in general? Sometimes you feel as if several personalities are hiding inside you and you can’t decide for yourself what you really feel or want. It causes another problem – your mood swings and restlessness make you a highly unpredictable person who seldom can find a proper balance between emotions and mind.

It’s difficult for you to concentrate on one aim or idea and you’re unable to stay interested in one and the same thing for too long. Gemini belongs to Air signs and its natives are constantly on the move, that’s why they’re a bit superficial and can’t stick to one definite direction. Remember that being less changeable you’ll deserve more respect!

Gemini bad traits


Cancerians are known as the most sensitive zodiac representatives. It’s a real torture for them to accept a failure and they easily get hurt. It’s almost impossible to get them out of their comfort zone because they’re very cautious and need emotional stability to make right decisions. Try to let things go from time to time and your life will soon become much brighter!

It’s hard for you to keep your emotions at bay, both positive and negative ones. It makes you a highly unpredictable person who can be happy one moment and depressed the next one. Besides, you’re prone to worries and can’t stop being anxious and even pessimistic. Don’t let your emotions win a victory over your intellect!

Cancer bad traits


Leos, these kings of the zodiac, know exactly who they are and what they want. They’re dominating people of a strong character and natural leaders. But this character trait subsequently leads to several negative qualities: Leo natives enjoy staying in the center of attention and are highly possessive and even arrogant. Would you like other people to genuinely like you? Try to deserve it and don’t think that your pride is a key to your success!

You won’t listen to other people’s negative opinions about you because your ego will never let it happen. You’re totally self-satisfied and hate being criticized even if this criticism is legitimate. Moreover, you can become too anxious, impatient and sometimes even aggressive (this is more typical of Leo men). Learn to control your temper and you’ll see others will appreciate it!

Leo bad traits


Virgo representatives are true perfectionists who want everything to be done in the way they see it. They aren’t afraid of criticizing others and being at times too judgmental. On the other hand, Virgo natives are real pessimists who can’t stand it when things don’t go their way. They’re too obsessed with details and tend to criticize themselves even more than people around them.

If you feel you start worrying about every little thing and try to control everything and everyone it means it’s time to relax! Being a practical and harsh person you fail to see that your behavior becomes discriminating and even offensive. Your conservatism makes you believe in the power of values and principles and prevents you from looking at the situation from the right perspective. Try to stay more open-minded and you’ll feel that your close ones like you much more!

Virgo bad traits


Libra’s weakest point is their love of balance – they need to weigh every argument and counterargument, which results in extreme indecisiveness. They also tend to keep the world around balanced, which makes them forget about their own happiness and strive to satisfy other people’s needs. Libra’s superficiality, on the other hand, makes them concentrate on people’s appearance and forget about spiritual beauty.

Libra’s balance is easily offset by views of others – don’t let people do this to you! Your considerate nature helps you take perfect decisions, no matter how long it takes, so stick to them! Harness your unpredictability to fight your own pressure-related stress and pamper yourself a little, but only a little, don’t surrender to your overindulgent nature!

Libra bad traits


Vengefulness is one of Scorpio’s weakest spots.They can’t easily let go. Neither can they take a subordinate position – their controlling nature needs them to dominate. Scorpios are stubborn and possessive, too; they are always in a state of competition. If there are no rivals, they compete with themselves because they need to succeed.

Scorpio’s possessiveness leads to jealousy – they are distrustful partners. However, there is a bright side to it - since they can’t understand disloyalty, Scorpios are very loyal partners. They tend to be secretive and suspicious, to conceal their feelings under an unemotional mask. But if you deceive them, you’d better beware – Scorpios make malicious enemies.

Scorpio bad traits


Sagittarius people are very honest, too honest at times – in fact, they are no beaters about the bush and don’t tend to give heaps of compliments to anyone. At times, they even seem tactless and rude. To avoid conflicts, Sagittarius representatives should be wary of their words. To put it in a nutshell, think twice, say once.

Another area to watch over is that of being too inconsistent at times. Those born under the sign of Sagittarius have a lot of interests; they always seek new experiences to satisfy their need for thrill. Thus, if they want to succeed in something, they'd better focus on one hobby at a time.

Sagittarius bad traits


Capricorn representatives are more prone to depression than other signs. Rapid changes in mood distinguish them from other signs, too. Therefore, it’s of vital importance for those born under the sign of Capricorn to learn to value every happy moment of their life. They should take long walks in a park from time to time, listen to relaxing music and practice abdominal breathing to regain emotional balance.

Moreover, Capricorn representatives tend to keep a tight lid on their private life. They rarely share their problems with other people no matter how big they are. Thus, the best thing a Capricornian can do is to open his/her heart to the world. After all, it’s never late to close it again.

Capricorn bad traits


Aquarius representatives are rather stubborn – sometimes, it’s very hard to persuade them to abandon their plans. On the one hand, it’s great that nothing can lead Aquarius people astray once they set their goal but, on the other hand, a good piece of advice can save Aquarians from making a mistake from time to time.

Besides, as an Air Sign, Aquarians are impulsive and impatient people. Therefore, they should learn to control their emotions; otherwise, they risk hurting someone they love. When it comes to work, Aquarians are always eager to start a new project or task; however, their enthusiasm dies down quickly. Therefore, Aquarius people should not take a new task before they accomplish the previous one.

Aquarius bad traits


Those born under the sign of Pisces are usually calm and peaceful. They hate conflicts so much that sometimes they even prefer not to stand up for themselves and to agree with their opponent. Piscarians shouldn’t confuse amiability and pliability – being too pliable can play a low-down trick on them. The representatives of this sign should always bear in mind that their opinion really matters!

Besides, as a Water sign, Piscarians often prefer to follow the stream. Taking a decision, especially a life-changing one, is a very difficult task for them. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to become more self-confident – they can try personal growth courses for a start.

Pisces bad traits
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