Who Is Your Zodiac Angel?

Learn who guides and protects you every day and find out how to ask for help to be heard!
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Did you know every sign has an angel to help and protect the person born under it? Just light up a candle and keep your questions in mind for up to 10 mins, or ask your angel on the go and look around to see the hints sent to you. Learn more about your angel and don’t be afraid of asking for help!

Meet your guardian angel!

Learn more about yours to get a deeper understanding of yourself and find out how to look for hints sent to you. 


Your zodiac angel is Ariel. Associated with free space and nature, Ariel pairs up wonderfully with the Ram, who is born in spring and possesses a free spirit. Ariel helps people turn their dreams into reality, so if you want your wish to be fulfilled soon appeal to the angel with no delay.

People born under the Aries sign are frequently rather selfish and tend to make a fuss over trifles. If you feel you’re tired of such a busy lifestyle and are eager to fight your ego you can always ask Ariel to give you a hand. The angel will help you understand what others feel and think about you.

Guardian Angel for Aries


Your zodiac angel is Chamuel. This angel is responsible for finding things people lose and will be your right hand when it comes to choosing the right path in life. No matter what you need to get – a new job, your real life or your old friend – Chamuel is the right angle to find it for you.

Taurus natives often find it hard to realize what they need in life, and here is when Chamuel comes to your rescue. The angel is able to find the best solution for the problems you’ve been suffering from and will help you become a more down-to-earth person.

Guardian Angel for Taurus


Your zodiac angel is Zadkiel. While Gemini natives are the most flirty zodiac representatives Zadkiel is the one whose main purpose is to teach them forgiveness. When you start feeling that you’re too superficial and fail to love people around you as much as you want to, simply ask the angel for help. 

Zadkiel will come to your help when you’ve had a serious quarrel with someone and want to forgive this person or, vice versa, long for being forgiven. When you feel you listen to your mind more often than to your heart Zadkiel is also the right angel to help you connect to the emotional part of yourself. 

Guardian Angel for Gemini


Your zodiac angel is Gabriel. Both Cancer and Gabriel are connected with kids and parenting, so if you want to have a baby as soon as possible turn to the angel for support. As Cancer natives are typically good at dealing with money they may need Gabriel’s help to save what they’ve earned.

Cancerians love children and value their family, and Gabriel can assist you in making your domestic atmosphere even warmer.  Appeal to the angel when you feel you lack the coziness of your home or want your home atmosphere to become even more informal.

Guardian Angel for Cancer


Your zodiac angel is Raziel. Leo’s life is full of drama and these sign representatives are sometimes rather overacting. Raziel is just as expressive and flamboyant as you are. Leo natives are great people to spend time with as they’re never boring, but at the same time they may hog the blanket at times.

If you feel these words can be applied to you, too, ask Raziel for help. When you see you’re likely to behave selfishly Raziel is able to bring you down to earth. Another reason to turn to Raziel is having some relationship problems, as you’ll see that a peaceful talk with the angel can heal your emotional wounds.

Guardian Angel for Leo


Your zodiac angel is Metatron. Metatron is able to help you get rid of bad energy and heal your body and soul. Being a Virgo representative, you’re very good at coping with various problems. Metatron is able to turn this confrontational energy into a positive one.

If you’re in a tough situation and need to learn the best way out of it Metatron can show you the best possible direction. If you’re getting too self-critical the angel is able to help you believe in yourself. Virgo natives tend to worry too much, and Metatron’s energy can send all the negative feelings away.

Guardian Angel for Virgo


Your zodiac angel is Jophiel. Libra people are crazy about finding a perfect balance in their lives, and Jophiel is the angel to show you the right direction. This angel is frequently called a feng shui angel because of the ability to sort out the mess both in your house and your life.

Libra natives may suffer from low self-respect and Jophiel can help you find the beauty in yourself and the surrounding world. If you currently have certain problems with your love life, appeal to the angel – Jophiel will give you the necessary signs and show you how to fight them.

Guardian Angel for Libra


Your zodiac angel is Jeremiel. Scorpio is probably among the darkest zodiac signs and is often associated with death and dark passion, and Jeremiel has a similar nature. This angel’s purpose is to show you that life has two sides – light and gloomy ones – and not to get lost between them you’re to try hard and find your own life path.

Jeremiel can work really well if you’re planning to review your life. Some Scorpio representatives can become extremely paranoid and the angel is able to get rid of this uneasy feeling. If you want to boost the abilities of your body you can appeal to the angel, too.

Guardian Angel for Scorpio


Your zodiac angel is Raguel. This archangel is extremely good at solving harsh disputes, and Sagittarius natives will really appreciate the angel’s positive energy. If you belong to Sagittarius representatives who talk too much you’d better listen to Raguel’s advice and cope with your over-enthusiasm. 

If you want to restore your old friendships or get rid of old ones Raguel is a perfect angel to appeal to. Besides, if you feel the argument you’re involved into is getting too dangerous you can ask for the archangel’s help as well.

Guardian Angel for Sagittarius


Your zodiac angel is Azrael. This angel helps people’s souls pass from this life to the afterlife. Assisting people in their way from one world to another the angel is able to relieve the grief that’s been torturing you.    

As Capricorns are ambitious and hardworking representatives of the zodiac they tend to forget about their own emotions. If you start feeling you’re getting too intellectual ask Azrael to endow you with grounding energy.

Guardian Angel for Capricorn


Your zodiac angel is Uriel. Uriel is frequently considered one of the most prudent angels, and supremely well fits Aquarius, as the representatives of this sign listen to their minds more often than to their hearts. If you’re obsessed with negative emotions Uriel will help you, too.

Many Aquarians are crazy about finding the best soulmate, so don’t hesitate to appeal to Uriel about this problem. The angel can give you enough wisdom and lead you to the life partner you truly deserve. It can take some time, but it’s still better than simply waiting in vain.

Guardian Angel for Aquarius


Your zodiac angel is Sandalphon. As Pisces is one of the most romantic and dreamy zodiac signs people who belong to this sign are often associated with music. Sandalphon, the angel of music, can assist you if you ask him about it.

If you feel you need to find your inner peace or boost your creativity Sandalphon can help you as well. How to get the answer? Just listen to the songs you hear accidentally and look for the message the angel will send you.

Guardian Angel for Pisces
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