Which Tarot Card Guides Your Zodiac Sign?

By Nataly Porter Sep 15, 2021
Shall we spread the Major Arcana cards and see which of them can describe you and your fortune best?
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Every zodiac sign has a unique Tarot card that reflects the person’s inner qualities and is able to show him or her the right way.

Learn your sign’s Tarot card!

Which Tarot card reflects your personality best? Read on to find out!

Aries—The Emperor

This card is a symbol of loyalty and ability to come to your friends’ aid whenever they need it. Besides, you are able to use your power and authority if you want to help somebody or achieve your own goals. You’re just as strong and self-confident as the person depicted in this Tarot card is. 

This card also marks that you can find the proper balance between what you want to get and what you already have. Look for the signs of royalty and natural leadership inside, as these inborn qualities will help you cope with any tough situation.

Aries Tarot card

Taurus—The Hierophant

This card shows that you have to find a life teacher who will lead you through all the hardships and troubles. He or she will also help you find higher truths by analyzing the well-known traditions. If you manage to get such a mentor you’ll take important lessons and let wisdom into your life.

In old ages, monasteries were the major sources of knowledge for people, that’s why a Hierophant was the one who could give good lessons to his students. Remember that your understanding and experience are your most powerful tools, and let them guide you in the right direction.

Taurus Tarot card

Gemini—The Lovers

Your nature demands a dual card, the Lovers. You frequently face a dilemma and should make a hard choice between good and bad, gentle and harsh, kind and evil. This Tarot card proves that you need to think twice before taking an important decision, and choose the way that your soul strives for.

The name of the card suggests that your romantic relationships can also be a rather challenging point for you. Don’t forget that once you’re carried away by your passions it becomes very hard to find the right way back to your spiritual values. Do your best to reach a compromise between your emotions and common sense.

Gemini Tarot card

Cancer—The Chariot

The Chariot sign on your Tarot card demonstrates that you’re strong, proud and rise above all conflicts that can appear in your life. You set your own course and enjoy the freedom given to you by the open roads you see. Your intuition helps you to win almost any race you take part in.

This card symbolizes changes, and you love them and are always ready for them. You can consider any place you have to stay at as your home for some time period, and gladly welcome the new people you meet on your life road. Don’t be afraid of innovations and stay in sync with them.

Cancer Tarot card


This card represents all kinds of strengths you possess – physical, intellectual and emotional ones. You’re a brave person, just like your ruling sign, and cope with the problems and possible misfortunes easily. Natural powers fight with the tendency for refinement inside you.

You need to learn to differentiate between your selfish ego and your true second self. Do your best to discipline yourself and separate your personal desires from your true needs. You should also learn to demand and expect the same things from people who have power in the situation.

Leo Tarot card

Virgo—The Hermit

The Hermit represents a person who’s old and tired of life, and who’s therefore decided to have a rest from the cruel outer world. It suggests that you need to slow down a bit, too, and look for your real life purpose. It may even be hidden inside you! Be careful not to open your soul to others too much while seeking for your destiny.

You may meet your spiritual teacher, but fail to recognize him or her at once. Besides, it’s not so easy to understand what he knows as this person can communicate with you silently or in a different language. The exhausted figure of the Hermit shows us how important it is to establish the connection between ourselves and the nature around.

Virgo Tarot card


The powerful tool of Justice, its scales, suggests that you need to be more careful choosing between your wishes and your necessities. If you want to get a successful result, you need to think of your needs first putting the emotions aside. When you manage to cope with indecision, you’ll finally enjoy the fruit of your labor.

Just like Justice, you have to be precise in your decisions and find the proper balance between your desires and the general good. Don’t neglect minor details as they can prove significant in future. People will often ask for your advice, and your opinion will always matter. Don’t forget to listen to others, though!

Libra Tarot card


Just like the ruler of your Tarot card, you’re excited about changes and transformations. You often want to make a fresh start in life and be spiritually “reborn”. You’re not bound by the ties that enchain others, and easily change your identity becoming a person whom no one knows.

Don’t be afraid of your mysterious card – it’s not about the actual death. On the contrary, it’s more about renovation and rebirth, so you’ll probably want to change your life completely. You realize when it’s time to finish the old tasks and move on. There is no need to get rid of people you’ve known before, though – it’s more about your personal values and concerns.

Scorpio Tarot card


You’re a peacemaker of the zodiac, that’s why the Temperance card reflects your nature best. You’re able to reach harmony and find the balance between your personal judgments and ideas and the rue understanding of things. No matter what difficulties you meet on your way – you move steadily and confidently through all the troubles.

You’re eager to find the ingredients you’re missing in your life, and to do it you need to learn to rule your own abilities and skills. Be ready to use special spiritual practices, as they can come to your help when it’s most needed. Try to become more disciplined and learn to organize yourself in a more effective way.

Sagittarius Tarot card

Capricorn—The Devil

This card urges you to meet the darker side of yourself if you want to get the insights needed for your emotional transformation. Get rid of your shyness and taboos that tie you, and let the long-hidden powers of the subconscious help you feel what the real freedom is. Don’t be afraid of finding out who you are!

Try to express your emotions more often and more freely, and don’t be shy of having any feelings – they’re all normal. There is no need to demonstrate every desire and affection of yours, just remember that understanding of your inner self can help you act after your kind.

Capricorn Tarot card

Aquarius—The Star

The Star is all about your optimism, because when you ask the stars about something they are always ready to come to rescue. You feel that your major task in life is to persuade others they can achieve what they want, too. You can take the role of a spiritual mentor and lead your close ones through hardships to the stars.

Spiritual pursuit is the object of your major interest, and you love to spend time reflecting on your past deeds. This card also proves that you need to give more of your time and attention to higher interests and values, and try to establish the connection with your inner self.  Go with your gut and spend more time contemplating.

Aquarius Tarot card

Pisces—The Moon

You’re a person of constantly changing moods, and your Tarot card serves as the reflection of your true self. You prefer to resort to nature whenever you feel ill at ease or depressed, and are always eager to help others. Listen to your body’s cravings more often, and rely more on your inner powers.

Your instincts can lead you through life helping you feel more secure. Don’t try to interfere – you’d better choose the position of a witness allowing nature to guide you. Don’t be afraid of unexpected results you may get during the process – they will eventually help you succeed.

Pisces Tarot card
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