What Magical Creature are You?

By Tassie Zingaro Sep 15, 2021
Find your place in mythology!
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Have you ever dreamed of having magical powers? The time has come!

What is your mythical alter-ego?

This horoscope will help you discover the mythical in you and learn if you are a stunning unicorn, a fiery dragon or a wise sphinx!


You are a Pegasus. Dynamic and pioneering, you inspire wonder and awe into everyone who meets you for the first time. Your wings don’t let you stay in one place for too long – you can feel them flutter, just about to flap and take you away on a new adventure. 

Your decisiveness and ambition are highly respected by people. And the equine part of your nature makes you be extremely loyal to those who respect you and treat you right. 

Aries mythical creature


You are a Dragon. Many are afraid of you, but at the same time they realize there is so much you can be respected for. Your loyalty is unequaled, just like any dragon you will reduce anything or anyone trying to encroach on the things you value most to ashes. 

Luckily, it’s not easy to drive you to such a border-line state. Your anger does not grow like rapid-fire, but people know better to let the sleeping dragon lie and do their best not to blow the fire of your personality.

Taurus mythical creature


You are an Elf, one of the most dubious mythological creatures. You are both wickedly smart and mischievous; whenever there is a chance to do the right thing, you do so, but miss no opportunity to play a trick either. 

If people want to build an effective relationship with a mythical figure like you, they should bear in mind that elves are all about reciprocal treatment: their attitude to you is a reflection of you attitude to them. 

Gemini mythical creature


You are a Merperson. Very beautiful, resourceful and intelligent, you still exist under the sea (in a world of your own), and it always takes you a while to adapt to the upper world (a new situation or company of people). 

You have a special mentality, half-human, half-aquatic, so you are able to view every situation from two opposite perspectives. Just like the famous little mermaid, you’ll swim all lengths to protect the ones you care about.

Cancer mythical creature


You are a Griffin. A legendary crossbreed creature, you are fierce to the extreme: you accept no lies or tricks, no wriggling or weaseling. Everything people address you with must be real-deal; otherwise there is even no point in bothering you. 

You know how to be kind, generous, understanding and polite, but only if people treat you with respect. If there is the slightest sign of discourtesy, you won’t be able to hold your wrath down.

Leo mythical creature


You are a Fairy, the wonder of the mythological zodiac. You make the first appearance as a shy, skittish creature, but as people prove their worth, you gradually warm up to them and reveal your true self. 

Your intelligence is impressive; however, when things start going wrong, you tend to get critical. You are always a bright spark that lights and warms up somebody’s life. It is thanks to you that magic exists.

Virgo mythical creature


You are the Unicorn of the zodiac, the creature everyone wants to be or at least meet in person. You bring joy to everyone you meet, as you only look at the bright side of things and solve problems by finding a compromise that satisfies all sides. 

Skittish as you are, you prefer to steer clear of big crowds and interact with people personally, if there is a chance to do so. In this way you save yourself the trouble of worrying about all the drama and conflict that many diverse opinions can bring about. 

Libra  mythical creature


You are a Siren, alluring and beautiful, but dangerous or even deadly. Your passion is like fire – burning hot and wild, never dying down unaccomplished. 

Your natural magnetism is so strong, and yet people are afraid of being drawn to you because your strength is frightening. All in all, no one messes with a Siren.

Scorpio mythical creature


You are a Centaur, the personification of joy and enjoyment. Living a passionate and carefree life, you don’t let anyone or anything stand between you and your happiness. 

Your life is so full of events and discoveries, that one may even say that you can live more lives than one in a single lifetime. You know how to make the best of things and come out of any argument as a winner.

Sagittarius mythical creature


You are a Sphinx. Mysterious and surprisingly logical, you don’t waste your time on people who don’t measure up to your intellectual level, even though your patience is enviable. 

It’s not easy to bring you to the boiling point, and yet it is possible. Those who dare to annoy a Sphinx, beware: the creature’s wrath is destructive. But this is not why it has so few friends – Sphinx just chooses them very wisely.

Capricorn mythical creature


You are a Phoenix. You are as fierce as you are warm and caring. Your main goals in life are to do good to make the world a better place, to be loyal to the ones you care about, and to be absolutely free.

Your independence makes you unpredictable at times, but you don’t care much: you soar freely above those who try to sway you in the wrong direction. No one can stand between you and your love of life and free flight.

Aquarius mythical creature


You are a Kraken, mysterious and powerful, inspiring awe. You like to spend time on your own in your cavern at the bottom of the ocean, and when you are summoned - or bothered - your wrath may come down as a tsunami.

However, everyone knows how volatile the creature of the marine depth is, and they know better than to mess with a sensitive giant like you. 

Pisces mythical creature
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