What is Your Sign’s Most Enviable Trait?

By Tassie Zingaro Sep 27, 2021
Everyone is jealous of this quality of yours, and you don't even know what it is? Let's fix that right now!
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You surely know your zodiac sign’s strengths. But there also are qualities you may not have even suspected you possess, and yet, they form the reason why people are jealous of you.

Find out why everyone envies you

You have at least one good feature everyone is jealous of! Learn all about your most enviable traits and how to use them to your benefit! 


Aries has the honor of opening the zodiac. It is a very powerful sign, zealous and goal-driven. They know exactly what they are doing this and that for. Aries are not familiar with the notions of fatigue or depression, which everyone is jealous of. Plus, they are really charming – they have that flame that burns inside non-stop and attracts people like moths.

Arians are very courageous; they can lead the way and face life no matter how it treats them. They are adventurous and pioneering, ready to assume responsibility when everyone around doesn’t know which way to go and needs a leader.

The most enviable traits of Aries


Taurus follows the zodiac leader closely, which is why this sign is also full of energy and power. But their personality is tinged with tenderness, so don’t be confused by their intimidating looks. They are gentle, very sociable and understanding, but the Taurean quality everyone is jealous of is determination. Nothing can distract them from the goal they are pursuing.

However, Taurus would not take unnecessary risks or make uncalculated decisions. They cannot afford losing because they value the comforts of their life and everything else they have. And since one of the most valuable things they have is friends, one can always rely on Taurus as a friend.

The most enviable traits of Taurus


Gemini’s dual nature is marked by inconstancy and a peculiar perspective. They can’t tell which of the two different emotions prevails at a certain moment and are often confused by their own feelings. Although viewed at times as inconsistent, Gemini possesses a very enviable gift – powerful insight – that many people are jealous of.

They are also great speakers, very curious, energetic and versatile, and often become prominent public figures. Their razor-sharp wit helps them always be seen as reliable problem-solvers.

The most enviable traits of Gemini


Emotional Cancer hides genuine feelings under a thick shell. But a recklessly dropped harsh word may burn a deep pitch-black hole in the heart of a Cancer. They are very susceptible to mood swings and depression, can stress out over minor issues, but the one quality everyone is jealous of is their good humor.

Cancer knows how to be good to people up to the point of selflessness. They are at their best when they are around kind and sensible people and see that the nurture and care they provide is accepted with gratitude.

The most enviable traits of Cancer


Majestic, powerful Leo is driven by the desire to be loved and appreciated. They crave attention and adoration. Leos are highly ambitious and successful, because they always strive for perfection. But there is a positive thing about this ambition – Leo provides help very generously.

Partly because they want to be credited for it, of course, though they will never admit it, but mostly because they are very warm-hearted and tender. Leos do a lot of good for people around, which can only be made possible thanks to their most enviable feature – extreme strength.

The most enviable traits of Leo


Virgo is associated with purity, so this is probably the most perfectionist and meticulous of all zodiac signs. Virgo can easily tell good from bad and right from wrong, they can see deep into people’s real intentions. In fact, they must have a detector of evil hidden inside their brain – this is how good they are at seeing the wrong motives.

They move forward by taking baby steps and prefer to abstain from dynamic activities in order not to make uncalculated decisions. But they are very cautious and agile, and this is their most enviable feature. Another virtue of theirs is their engaging nature.

The most enviable traits of Virgo


Libra is an active sign; it is also known to run out of energy very quickly, but never loses its agility. Libra has a sense of harmony and balance, which helps it weigh every argument and counterargument and find the best way out of the most puzzling life situations.

Many people are jealous of this ability of conflict resolution and often resort to Libra’s help when they can't reach a compromise on their own. Libra is both cheerful and dark or, in other words, two-faced. But they are mostly friendly, joyful and sociable. They do not change their mind too easily and stick to the decisions they’ve made.

The most enviable traits of Libra


Mighty Scorpio can sting and poison, but is still fun and interesting to be around. In fact, many astrologers believe that it is the most interesting of all zodiac signs. Other signs are jealous of Scorpio’s sharp intuition, diplomatic skills, intellectual abilities, sensitivity, resoluteness, dynamism and passion.

But they feel uneasy near Scorpio because the sign can also be manipulative, suspicious and even dangerous! Scorpios know how to make others jig to their tune and how to achieve their goal, no matter what it takes.

The most enviable traits of Scorpio


Sagittarius is a mythological creature known as Centaur – half-human, half-equine – which explains why Sag possesses both animal and human qualities. They are incorrigible optimists, always looking at the bright side of things and seeing the silver lining of the clouds that hide the sun, and this is probably one of their most enviable features.

Sagittarians are not sensitive to criticism – they admit and accept their fault and try to fix it if they still can. They love to be on the move, take part in team activities and sports and are very kind-hearted and warm people, in general.

The most enviable traits of Sagittarius


Capricorns eagerly take risks, but no one would ever call them reckless. They plan every minor detail in advance and never let anything – even their own hunch – take them off the course. Their steps are thoroughly calculated, nothing they do is spontaneous. At times they may get carried away while pursuing a goal and appear to be selfish, but this focus and determination is what other signs are really jealous of.

Capricorns are not born leaders, but they put great effort into proving they can be one. Their emotions are strong, but they prefer not to reveal them to the public. It’s funny, but they are both passive and full of energy at the same time.

The most enviable traits of Capricorn


Sensitive Aquarius often feels vulnerable and lonely, despite being a public figure. They like to converse, to be around people, i.e. join associations or clubs, attend forums, etc. They are really good conversationalists, brilliant and unique, which is their most enviable feature, but only if they are talking to like-minded people.

If you touch a topic that’s outside their mental realm, don’t expect Aquarians to follow the subject. They also hate change because they want their life to be as peaceful as the sea on a windless day.

The most enviable traits of Aquarius


Pisces are the creative power of the zodiac. They imagine and invent, produce art as if with a wave of a magic wand and often earn themselves a prominent position in society. Their artistic mind is what other signs are very jealous of.

Despite their vivid imagination, Pisces do not have their head in the clouds and are truly loyal and good friends, especially in times of trouble. Nurturing, loving, sympathetic and accepting, they are the ones you can rely on when you really need a helping hand or a shoulder to cry on.

The most enviable traits of Pisces
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