What is Your Sign's Favorite Book Genre?

By Tassie Zingaro Sep 27, 2021
Find your perfect literary match!
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The zodiac can dictate everything from moods to romantic partners and pet matches. Is there anything it cannot tip us off on? Let’s see how it helps us find a perfect read based on your astrological sign!

Discover any sign’s favorite book genre!

Find an ultimate solution to the problem of choosing your next read! Read on to get great gift ideas for your bookworm friends!


The best genre for you is action or adventure. Swords clashing, arrows whistling, Katniss fighting a mutant monster, and all that jazz. You want to hear your blood pounding hard against your eardrums while reading a book, so your read should match your ferocious nature.

The book you enjoy the most is a chronicle of exciting adventures that are sometimes impossible to embrace. Every chapter – or, preferably, every other page – of it should have a close call with the main character being shot, stabbed or at least caught.

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The best genre for Taurus is the good old classics. You are patient and persistent, which is definitely a quality one needs to finish some of the classical books; the things others may discard as outdated are precious to you because they give a sense of stability you enjoy.

However, stability is not the only reason for this heaven-made literary match. You enjoy reading about the romance of old times, sophisticated courtship, sumptuous dresses, and gloomy moors. Wuthering Heights and Pride and Prejudice, in particular, may help you spend dozens of hours reading, and rereading, and rereading again.

Best books for Taurus


You are happy to be a lover of science fiction! Is there a broader genre than that? It embraces everything from space (read: star) wars and cynical dystopias by Kurt Vonnegut to cute clumsy aliens and squeaky-voiced robots, both annoying and adorable at the same time.

Immerse yourself into a world that is bigger than one’s mind can imagine! Just like you, Gemini, science fiction is unpredictable, changeable and as outside of the box as it is even possible! Remember: the weirder the better!

Best books for Gemini


Sensitive Cancer will find great pleasure in reading memoirs – they are just as full of feelings as you are on most days. Memoirs can make you sob or laugh heartily – and both states will be equally enjoyable for you! 

Cancer loves to get a chance to peek into somebody else’s life, not out of idle interest, but in order to step in another’s shoes and get a better understanding of another soul. For you, reading is a thrill ride, and there is hardly anything more thrilling than a journey to the depths of another’s psyche.

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Leo is and will always be a sucker for big stories. Ugly ducklings that turn out to be chosen ones, kings leading armies into battle, a split in the wizarding society – you just love it all! And, of course, a victory of the good over the forces of evil is a must!

Being a creative and passionate sign, you like to read about political intrigues and bold leaders. You wish magic existed and often picture what you would do if you had a wand or a dragon; this is why high fantasy is the best book genre for you.

Best books for Leo


Don’t try to trick anyone, Virgo! It’s obvious that your love of classics is only a pretense. What you really enjoy is a fictional twist on the good old classics, a book that both stays in the framework of tradition and goes beyond it. What genre is it? Historical fiction, of course!

You need your read to be detailed and true to historical facts, yet boggle the imagination and appeal to your romantic side with descriptions of handsome men and shrewd beauties in Edwardian dresses kissing in the rain.

Best books for Virgo


You sure enjoy science fiction and fantasy, classics, and meta-fiction, but only because you need balance in life, so you try a little of everything. However, the genre that truly matches your reading preferences is literary fiction. 

You like to read stories about the real –um, make-believe real – life of normal people with all of their joys and problems and catastrophes. Relationships unfold, characters reveal their hidden motives, occasional violent outbreaks of feelings occur – just like real life, only presented in a much more beautiful way. 

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Scorpio is the mystery of the zodiac, passionate and loyal, yet very secretive about it. You need a book that is thrilling enough to measure up to your own level of intensity. There is only one genre that is an absolute match to the description – mystery. 

You like to read about characters of dubious morals in an atmosphere of suspense. Thrillers, psychological horrors (think Gone Girl if you have not yet considered plotting something like this yourself) are twisted enough to drive you forward, and this is exactly what a good book should do to a Scorpio. 

Best books for Scorpio


You love to have fun, so your obvious read of choice is humor literature. Satire, comic strips, amusing memoirs, absurdist travelogues – these are the best books for Sagittarians. However, the humor doesn’t have to be dumb – the wittier the jokes – the better the reading experience.

Being smart and funny yourself, you want the books you read to be characterized in the same way. A fun book that makes you think? Perfect! There is philosophy in humor, and you are the best judge of it. 

Best books for Sagittarius


If there is something better than a well-written story, it is a story based on actual life events. Fantasy is good, but a journalistic investigation appeals more to serious, focused Capricorn. Nonfiction is your genre of choice.

While fiction may be intricately plotted and beautifully worded, you don’t want a book just to tickle your imagination. You want to get more than amusement – you need to learn from the books you read. 

Best books for Capricorn


Aquarians are living in a world of their own. You understand the importance of independent thinking and adore books that are frequently considered strange by representatives of other signs.  Meta-fiction and absurd writing appeal to you much more than romantic stories or detective mysteries.

You are able to appreciate experimental writing and like it when authors manage to break the “fourth wall”. For you, a good book is one that presents totally new ideas and gradually breaks the borders between the real world and the imaginary one.

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Pisces people are true fans of magical realism – a rather controversial genre that presents two parts of the world, the real and the unreal ones. It’s not high fantasy in the way we perceive this term, but it’s not realistic fiction either. 

In the works written in this genre, the world itself is more than real, but beneath its surface, we find wonderful kingdoms and flower showers. Pisces people possess a vivid imagination – the world they live in is fantastic for them and they need books that reflect this dreamy state of their mind.

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