What Is Your Native American Zodiac Animal?

Native Americans have long revered nature and the animal kingdom. Their animal Zodiac corresponds with western astrology but without a focus on the planets and stars. Read on to learn more about your Native American sign!
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Native American Astrology Explained

Native Americans have their traditional animals in their mythology. For example, Coyote is considered a trickster in the Navajo and Ute cultures. Some tribes will dress as these animals to reenact their contribution to their culture.

Native American Zodiac signs largely come from Sun Bear's and Wabun Wind's book Medicine Wheel: Earth Astrology. Many of these ideas are drawn from the Sun Bear's Ojibwe (Chippewa) culture and a combination of others. Thus, the emphasis on North American tribes. This has combined with western astrology to create the New Age version of Native American astrology.

The medicine wheel is divided into twelve animals to represent the twelve months. The animals are in groupings of three for the four seasons. They have also split on which direction and natural element the zodiac animal represents. 

Native American Zodiac Animals vs. Western Zodiac Signs

Otter (January 20—February 18)


Native American Zodiac Animal for Aquarius is Otter

Otter is an out-of-the-box thinker who likes to maintain their independence. While still desiring independence, they enjoy making and keeping friends. Friends will enjoy Otter's eccentric ideas for adventures, especially Raven, Falcon, and Deer.

Comparing this Native American Zodiac animal and the corresponding Western zodiac, Otter still has the same element, mineral (silver), and independent, eccentric traits as Aquarius. Cancer also shares silver as an element. Sagittarius shares the stone turquoise. In contrast, the stone is different, but not from Sagittarius.

Wolf (February 19—March 20)


Native American Zodiac Animal for Pisces is Wolf

In Native American astrology, Wolf is sensitive to others' needs and will share generously. Their intuition will guide them to who needs help and what kind of help they need. Wolf enjoys running with Woodpecker, Bear, and Snake.

Comparing zodiacs, Wolf and Pisces share traits of empathy and intuition (psychic). In contrast, they do not share stones. Instead, Pisces shares the amethyst with Bear. Wolf's stones are shared with Sagittarius and Libra.

Falcon (March 21—April 19)


Native American Zodiac Animal for Aries is Falcon

Falcon combines spontaneity with wisdom while leading others. They need to employ their wisdom so their power doesn't overrun others. Falcon will nest well with Salmon and Owl. The sign's spontaneity matches well with Owl's adventurous side.

Similarly, Falcon and Aries share trait pairs of sapience/rationality, spontaneity/impulsiveness, and power/energy. The signs do not share the same stone, though. 

Beaver (April 20—May 20)


Native American Zodiac Animal for Taurus is Beaver

According to Native American astrology, Beaver is the workhorse of the spirit animals, and others can count on them to get the job done. Beaver prefers to view life through a realistic lens. The sign works well with Woodpecker, Bear, and Goose.

Comparing zodiacs, Beaver and Taurus match with traits of stubbornness and tenacity. Their zodiac stones do not match. Instead, Capricorn and Beaver share the mineral hematite.

Deer (May 21—June 20)


Native American Zodiac Animal for Gemini is Deer

Deer loves sharing their intelligence with everyone through conversation. They can sometimes feel moody if they haven't had enough social interaction. Friendly sign—Raven and Otter—balance their temperamental nature.

Comparing zodiacs, Gemini and Deer share the communication trait and the agate stone. Gemini's flightiness may match Deer's moodiness.

Woodpecker (June 21—July 21)


Native American Zodiac Animal for Cancer is Woodpecker

Within Native American astrology, Woodpecker is protective of their friends, family, and offspring. They can sense other's feelings but can also be caught up in their own feelings. They will support others through their trials, notably Snake and Beaver. The sign and Wolf's sensitive natures bring them in tune with one another.

Cancer and Woodpecker share traits such as compassion, sentimentality, and nurturing. They do not share stones, but Scorpio and Woodpecker share rose quartz.

Salmon (July 22—August 22)


Native American Zodiac Animal for Leo is Salmon

Salmon has the energy and strength to jump over life's hurdles and will confidently lead others through those hoops. Their strength and power bode well for a relationship with Falcon. With Salmon's energy, Salmon and Owl enjoy adventuring together.

The Native American sign matches Leo's energy, determination, and charisma. Instead of Leo, Virgo and Salmon share carnelian as their stone.

Bear (August 23—September 22)


Native American Zodiac Animal for Virgo is Bear

Bear doesn't flaunt his attributes but keeps them to themselves. They don't wear rose-colored glasses but will tell you like it is. Bear and Beaver work well together to complete jobs, and they can depend on Goose.

Comparing Virgo and Bear, they have similar traits of duty and service. Virgo prefers being settled in one place, which may fit Bear's practical nature. Bear's stone amethyst matches Pisces instead of Virgo.

Raven (September 23—October 22)


Native American Zodiac Animal for Libra is Raven

Raven is the peacekeeper among friends, family, and coworkers. They will use their friendliness and diplomatic skills to achieve harmony in their environment. Deer's talkative nature pairs well with Raven's and Otter's friendly natures.

Comparing the Native American Zodiac to the western Zodiac, Libra's balanced approach toward others reflects Raven's desire for achieving peace through balance. Both zodiacs are diplomatic. In contrast, neither share stones.

Snake (October 23—November 21)


Native American Zodiac Animal for Scorpio is Snake

Snake keeps their feelings to themselves often, but when they share it has great spiritual wisdom. They tend to be impulsive. Woodpecker and Wolf's supportive and generous natures make them compatible with Snake. 

Scorpio and Snake are both mysterious and spiritual in nature, but Scorpio is not impulsive. They do not share stones.

Owl (November 22—December 21)


Native American Zodiac Animal for Sagittarius is Owl

In Native American Astrology, Owl enjoys teaching others the broad perspectives of the world. They enjoy going on adventures alone but will invite others to join them on their adventures too. Falcon enjoys sparring his wisdom with Owl's philosophically broad mind. Salmon's energy can fuel the night bird's adventures. 

Sagittarius experiences wanderlust, and it resonates with Owl's adventurous side. Both are philosophical and independent or free-spirited. Their stones do not match, but Capricorn's stone matches.

Goose (December 22—January 19)


Native American Zodiac Animal for Capricorn is Goose

Goose likes to fly to achieve great heights while keeping their eye on the ground. Friends can rely on them to complete a job down to the nitty-gritty details. Goose enjoys flying with Beaver, Brown Bear, and Raven.

Comparing Zodiacs, Goose and Aquarius share the element of earth, energy to complete tasks, dependability or a sense of permanence, and enthusiastic nature. In contrast, Capricorn does not have any of the same stones. Instead, Capricorn shares one stone, obsidian, with Owl. Libra and Goose share peridot as a stone.

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