Zodiac Tips for Problem-Free Dating Life

By Nataly Porter Sep 16, 2021
Discover your sign's biggest dating problem and make sure your next date is a perfect date with these tips for each Zodiac sign!
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Dating is a hard thing and we can make it even harder if we don’t know how to behave. Want to make your next date perfect?

Learn your Zodiac sign’s worst dating problem!

Choose your sign and get a few personalized foolproof dating tips!


Your biggest dating mistake is that you’re a bit too selfish and always put yourself first. As a result, you want others to behave in the same way – love you, adore you, and spend all their free time with you. If you date somebody and see that this person is not so attentive to you it can seem rather insulting. To make dating easier, you’ll have to keep in mind that being number one in somebody’s life doesn’t mean being next to this person all the time. You may have heard it before that staying apart for some time will only bring your relationship to the next level.

Aries worst dating problem


Your biggest dating mistake is that you always expect your partner to bring some definite things into your relationship. You may not expect them to shower you with gifts or be extraordinarily attractive but you certainly have a certain picture in your mind and want to follow it persistently. To make dating easier, put this list of must-have partner features aside and let your new lover prove that he or she has something different to surprise and please you. Don’t stick to one image of a perfect significant other – there can be dozens of them!

Taurus worst dating problem


Your biggest dating mistake is that Gemini is known as a highly sociable sign and people born under it expect the same behavior from their better halves. You may not yet know the person well enough but be eager to introduce him or her not only to parents but to colleagues, friends, and even distant acquaintances. To make dating easier, try to look at the situation from your soulmate’s perspective. Just imagine how she or he sees it – a whole bunch of never-before-seen people arrive at your place attempting to become friends with you. Don’t forget that it’s better to pace yourself in your relationship than to show off!

Gemini worst dating problem


Your biggest dating mistake is that you, like almost any Cancer, settle down so easily that it becomes too difficult to break the domestic circle. It’s unquestionably good to spend evenings watching TV series and lying on a sofa but if every evening will look like this your lover could soon be bored. To make dating easier, there is no need to skydive or swim with sharks every weekend. Start with smaller things: arrange a picnic in the park or visit a culinary class. It will help your sweetheart feel special and won’t let your relationship become routine.

Cancer worst dating problem


Your biggest dating mistake is that Lions often love the time before the first date more than the date itself. The chase for them is more important and more appealing than an ordinary dating process because flirtation is a lot more mysterious than a fairly traditional love affair. To make dating easier, try to find something exclusive in every little thing connected to your partner. Pay more attention to such seemingly insignificant things as the first kiss in front of friends or parents or the first time your lover’s dog greets you.

Leo worst dating problem


Your biggest dating mistake is that you try hard to stick to a plan you’ve prepared in advance and can’t simply let things go. You do lots of things together, from visiting each other’s parents to planning your monthly budget. What about letting some things run their natural course? To make dating easier, you just need to apply a bit wider approach. Instead of planning your next busy evening, think of your weekend getaway. Make sure you know where to go and what to do but try to do without constant email checking and preparing long lists of things to be done.

Virgo worst dating problem


Your biggest dating mistake is looking for a third party in order to make any decisions whether it’s an activity for a date, moving in with your partner, or defining your relationship. Your ardent desire to make the right choice emphasizes your reputation as a diplomat; however, it borders overthinking. To make dating easier, try to trust yourself. Instead of discussing the matter with your mother, you might try to have an honest conversation with your partner. All the more, people dating an air sign are used to discussing concerns. Don’t stress out and go with your gut!

Libra worst dating problem


Your biggest dating mistake is that you don’t seem to notice obvious hints like your partner trying to be near you, picking up your orders, and asking your friends about you. Though you are the sign that deals with intricacies, courtesies addressed to your either go unnoticed or you ignore them. To make dating easier, meet the person who has a crush on you face-to-face and speak frankly, either turn them down or admit the mutual feeling. Don’t forget that not all people like mysteries and can handle the unknown. However important your reputation is to you, it’s not worth denying someone a chance.

Scorpio worst dating problem


Your biggest dating mistake is being too superficial and careless. Relationships do not consist only of joyous moments even though you’d like it that way. Intimacy with your partner requires a lot of effort including commitments to abide by and serious conversations. Although the temptation to take it to your heels is great, there’s always the fear of missing out. To make dating easier, try to find fun even in the serious part of a relationship. On the bright side, you do include your partner in all your activities and take interest in their opinion. All you need to do is keep that attitude while making an effort to strengthen your bond.

Sagittarius worst dating problem


Your biggest dating mistake is playing hard to get which doesn’t really work. Your desire for self-preservation makes you slightly cold and detached even in a close relationship. The fear of failure is standing in the way of expressing your affection. To make dating easier, let go of your pride and finally admit that your partner strikes a deep chord in your heart. There’s no need to serenade, just let your partner know how you feel. You can show that you really care with simple acts: hold their hand, give them spontaneous hugs and just call to ask how they are.

Capricorn worst dating problem


Your biggest dating mistake is that you stray off the beaten path too often. Your fanciful and rebellious nature doesn’t stick to conventions or labels. Although it does not necessarily mean that you are not capable of living up to your commitments, you are still not willing to follow social norms. To make dating easier, do not push your partner away by refusing to define your relationship. Even though you may not like official terms, this person still has a place in your heart. Hear your partner out and you two can find a new romantic term together.

Aquarius worst dating problem


Your biggest dating mistake is failing to show your feelings. Being a great listener is very important for good relations; however, your partner should also be able to know what you feel. Thus you let your partner take full control of the date. To make dating easier, try to let your partner into your inner world. Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts! Your partner wants to know about you too. And in the end, you two can make the decision together.

Pisces worst dating problem
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