What Dog Breed You Are According To Your Zodiac Sign

Humans and their pets have more in common than we think. Just like we attribute our most striking traits to our zodiac signs, dog breeds might be able to do the same.
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Every zodiac sign has a dog alter-ego that can give them greater insight into their personalities. If you’ve been thinking about adopting a dog, this information might help you decide on a breed. Just like people, dogs display personality traits, making some more intuitive, friendly, or protective than others. You might be surprised to learn what dog breed you are, according to your sign!

Zodiac Signs as Dogs


Aries is energetic and outgoing by nature, just like the Yorkshire Terrier, a breed that is eager to play at all hours of the day. They won’t hesitate to let you know they want to have fun! Nevertheless, they know how to keep spirits high and are always making people smile. Similar to Aries, the Yorkie displays a sense of fearlessness that always gets them what they want.

Zodiac signs as dogs — Aries


Devoted and reliable, Taurus matches up perfectly with the Border Collie. Collies are known for their unwavering faithfulness to those who mean the most to them, which are the same traits Taurus shows toward their loved ones. They like to stick to what they know and demonstrate an unmatched level of patience, making them great lifelong partners and friends.

Zodiac signs as dogs — Taurus


Gemini’s curiosity and playfulness aligns perfectly with the Bloodhound, which is notable for its scent-hunting capabilities. Like Gemini people, this breed is eager to learn about and discover the world around them and always find themselves on some kind of adventure. Just as the Bloodhound sticks its nose into places it shouldn’t out of sheer curiosity, Gemini often finds themselves doing the same!

Zodiac signs as dogs — Gemini


Highly intuitive, Cancer displays similarities with the Poodle, an intelligent and empathetic breed. Just like the Poodle, Cancer people are loving and care deeply about those closest to them. When someone is hurting, just like Cancer, this dog breed can sense it. They know exactly what to say or do to make anyone feel better. Poodles make great cuddlers, too!

Zodiac signs as dogs — Cancer


Leo people are known to assert their dominance in every situation they find themselves in. For this reason, they show the most similarities to the Giant Schnauzer. They are not afraid to stand up for themselves or others, which is why everyone loves having them around. Similar to how Leo people are incredibly protective over friends and family, this breed does not hesitate to play the guard dog role.

Zodiac signs as dogs — Leo


Virgo is exceptionally loyal, just like the Rottweiler! Unfortunately, Rottweiler’s have a bad reputation for the way they’ve been depicted in movies. Similarly, Virgo people tend to feel misunderstood, partially because they have difficulty accepting that their feelings are valid. They both have more to offer than meets the eye and make wonderful friends and companions.

Zodiac signs as dogs — Virgo


If we try to imagine Zodiac signs as dogs, due to their social nature, Libra demonstrates personality traits most closely aligned with the Golden Retriever. Just like Libra people, this breed is best known for its friendly attitude toward everyone, whether it be their owner or a complete stranger. Any human or animal that crosses either of their paths better get ready for a warm welcome and a conversation (or lots of sniffing)!

Zodiac signs as dogs — Libra


Scorpio demonstrates courage in even the most challenging circumstances. Due to their bravery, the German Shepherd is extremely similar! It’s no wonder this breed often finds itself working in police units. Although they always wind up in difficult situations, this breed, just like Scorpio, always finds a way to overcome hardships. For this reason, they make great leaders!

Zodiac signs as dogs — Scorpio


Sagittarius has an unmatched level of enthusiasm, and their only competitor might be the Siberian Husky! This breed is not afraid to be vocal and let everyone know just how excited they are to be alive. The Husky loves to sing loudly, and some even think they are trying to talk like humans! Just like Sagittarius, this breed brings energy and excitement to any room.

Zodiac signs as dogs — Sagittarius


Capricorn people demonstrate high levels of discipline and self-control, showing similarities to the Doberman Pinscher. This breed is highly obedient and one of the most trainable pets out there. Just like Capricorn, the Doberman can be independent and very low-maintenance. Both the Doberman and the Capricorn are very serious, a rare but exciting trait to come across!

Zodiac signs as dogs — Capricorn


Famously deep thinkers and intellectuals, Aquarius has more in common than they think with the Australian Shepherd. This breed is not only social and active, but absolutely brilliant! The same can be said for Aquarius people, who always show off their sharp problem-solving skills and creative ideas. The Aussie thrives in a place where its intelligence can be put to the test.

Zodiac signs as dogs — Aquarius


Compassionate and caring, Pisces people demonstrate close similarities to the Boxer. Just like Pisces, this dog breed has it in its nature to be faithful and protective toward loved ones. They are great with families and especially good with children. At any given time, they are ready to drop everything and help someone in need. Dog or human, they are a great friend to have!

Zodiac signs as dogs — Pisces
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