What Does Your Zodiac Symbol Mean?

By Nataly Porter Sep 16, 2021
You have surely seen your Zodiac sign's symbol, but why is it like that and what meaning does it carry? Read on and you will find the answer!
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Have you ever wondered why the symbols of some signs are easy and clear, while the symbols of others are too vague or strange? Well, we're about to unveil this mystery, so read on and you'll find out!

Solve the mystery of your Zodiac sign symbol!

Find out what the symbol of your signs denotes and why some symbols are similar!


The symbol of Aries is a Ram, which in its turn represents courage, fertility, and aggression. Cornucopia, or the horn of plenty, symbolizes abundance and a horn of a ram is its part. Besides, Aries people are often seen as pioneers and leaders, and a ram used to be considered the sign of leadership and authority. The glyph (a sign icon) of Aries is as simple as it is—ram’s horns, that’s why it’s so easy to recognize the sign. They represent the fierce nature of Aries natives and their wish to approach life “head-on”. Other popular Aries symbols look like a full picture of a sheep or a ram.

Aries symbol


The symbol of Taurus is a Bull, a strong animal representing power, virility, and tenacity. If a person born under the sign is left alone, he or she will “graze” happily. However, if you decide to bother Taurus natives, you’ll face the fierceness of their temper and the power of their anger. The glyph (a sign icon) of Taurus represents a bull’s head and horns and is easily recognizable. That’s why Taureans are known as preserving individuals and are often called “bull-headed”. If they have a goal in mind, they will do their best to help it come true. Besides, they’re very sensual and self-indulgent.

Taurus symbol


Gemini sign is symbolized by Twins, that’s why people born under it are so frequently double-natured. Besides, such a duality often means interaction and exchange of many things – thoughts, ideas, and even things. Gemini people are very flexible, they easily adapt to any kind of situation. The glyph (a sign icon) of Gemini is two lines joined together. It stands for the dual nature of Gemini reps and demonstrates that they can behave so differently it sometimes seems there are two people combined in one. Geminis are typically inventive, sociable, and quick-witted and these character traits attract other people easily.

Gemini symbol


Crabs can walk sideways, and Cancer people tend to “move about” in life, too, often indirectly. The body of a crab is covered by a hard shell which explains the fact why Cancerians are so self-protective and highly sensitive. When hurt, these people prefer to retreat into themselves. The glyph (a sign icon) of Cancer is interpreted differently. Some astrologers say it looks like breasts and symbolizes the nurturing qualities of the sign. According to another version, it reminds the claws of a crab. Just like crabs, Cancerians like to blend with the environment avoiding attracting too much attention.

Cancer symbol


The symbol of Leo is a Lion, the most powerful animal, and the King of the Beasts. For many years, lions have been symbolizing courage, nobleness, and rulership. That’s why the people born under the sign of Leo are often characterized as authoritative, generous, hospitable, and active. The glyph (a sign icon) of Leo can get different interpretations. Most astrologers say it represents the mane of the lion. Others suppose it stands for two valves of the heart, as Leo is the sign that rules the heart. Just like its animal alter ego, Leo is known as a strong leader who possesses noble manners.

Leo symbol


The symbol of Virgo is a Virgin, that’s why Virgo people are often described as shy, constantly waiting, and a bit naïve. They want their personality to stay intact throughout their lifetime. The symbol of Virgo often looks like a woman who’s carrying a sheaf of wisdom and speaks for harvesting as the Sun stays in Virgo in late summer, the harvest time. The glyph (a sign icon) of Virgo is rather controversial. Some astrologers say it stands for sexual organs, while others prefer a lighter variant and suppose that it depicts a maiden who’s carrying a shaft of wheat. Besides, it’s said that this typical “M”-like glyph symbolizes virginity.

Virgo symbol


The symbol of Libra is Scales, so all Libra natives are craving is balance and harmony. Besides, they stand for equality and justice. It’s curious to know that Libra is the only inanimate zodiac sign; they are eager to stay as fair and just as possible. The glyph (a sign icon) of Libra can be interpreted differently. In its classic variant, the glyph symbolizes scales and it’s clear why. According to another version, this sign stands for the setting sun and symbolizes balance and equality. It can also be considered a drawing of the Scales of Justice.

Libra symbol


The symbol of Scorpio is a scorpion—a dangerous creature with two claws and a sting in its tail. However, Scorpio has one more symbol—the Eagle. From ancient times, the Golden Eagle has been symbolizing power, intelligence, courage, and freedom. It helps Scorpio people see more and clearer than others. The glyph (a sign icon) of Scorpio can be understood in different ways. It reminds the letter “M” with a short tail. This tail with an arrow on it stands for the need for action and a wish to achieve something bigger. However, some people believe that this tail could symbolize a male sexual organ, too.

Scorpio symbol


The symbol of Sagittarius is the Archer—half-man, half-horse. This creature stands for an attempt of Sagittarius reject its animal nature and become closer to people. Therefore, in some way, it symbolizes the development of the human soul and striving for the better. The glyph (a sign icon) of Sagittarius is very simple and clear—an arrow in a bow. It stands for a desire to touch the heights and have more. Sagittarian people are frequently wise, brave, and adventurous. On the other hand, they can often be restless, irresponsible, and a little too independent.

Sagittarius symbol


The symbol of Capricorn is a goat—an agile and flat-footed animal, hardy and very lonely at heart. Capricorn natives are most often introverts who want to stay safe and secure behaving like their animal representatives and living high in the mountains, in the places others can’t reach. The glyph (a sign icon) of Capricorn is the trickiest of all signs. Some consider it to be the symbol of a fishtail, some say it stands for the goat’s beard. Capricorns are known as the workhorses of the zodiac, they’re conservative, wise, ambitious, and disciplined—perfect employees.

Capricorn symbol


The symbol of Aquarius is the Water Bearer—somebody or something that gives life and food to people. The water washes the past away giving a chance to start with a blank slate. Aquarians care a lot about freedom and equality, they’re independent and intellectual. The glyph (a sign icon) of Aquarius depicts the water from the vessel of the Water Bearer. It stands for the eternal spiritual energy. Aquarius reps are highly individualistic and assertive, but they’re at the same time friendly, inventive, eccentric, cool, and detached.

Aquarius symbol


The symbol of Pisces is two fish that swim in the opposite directions, and it can’t but tell on the nature of the person born under the sign. Pisces natives feel they’re constantly pulled in different directions, too, and it’s hard for them to make serious decisions. The glyph (a sign icon) of Pisces coincides with its main symbol and depicts two fish that swim in the opposite directions. Pisces is a receptive sign, and the people born under it are usually sensitive, sympathetic, dreamy, humane, and intuitive.

Pisces symbol
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