What Are You Most Thankful for According to Your Sign?

By Tassie Zingaro Sep 27, 2021
Take a moment to find out what you should be grateful for this holiday season!
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With the holiday season in full swing, you have a great opportunity to stop and think of the things you can be thankful for. Which is a true blessing for your sign: safety, health of loved ones or something more peculiar? 

What is every sign’s greatest blessing?

Stop and think about all the things you can be thankful for! If you can’t decide which of them your greatest blessing is, get a tip from our horoscope!


The thing Aries is most grateful for is freedom. The sign needs no guidance or schedule to stick to. When Aries can do whatever tickles their fancy, they can’t be happier. They need their life to be as far from monotonous as possible; mess, unexpectedness and impulsiveness are the things Aries craves.

Some signs think that a quiet, settled life is the highest blessing, but Aries is not among them. Routine? Boredom? No, thanks! Aries are in for an amazing adventure, exciting and joyful! They feel blessed when they are free to succumb to temptations and to go wherever life takes them.

Aries Thanksgiving Horoscope


Taurean blessing is stability. The Bull loves it when the days repeat one another, multiplying perfection. It’s not at all boring for them; quite on the contrary, they value this repetition because it gives the sense of security and stability. Taureans do not appreciate surprises, because they bring chaos into the harmonized structure of their life.

However, if a surprise is luxurious enough, like winning the lottery, it will be welcome, as material values are among Taurus’ most desired blessings. All in all, the Bull has great expectations and is the happiest when life measures up to them.

Taurus Thanksgiving Horoscope


Gemini would suppose – and be absolutely right – that their greatest blessing is their friends. Indeed, the chatty sign can’t do without ample chance to discuss everything that happens to them with a reliable companion. For the Twins, silent existence is simply unthinkable.

Engaging chit-chat and laughter are the two essentials of Gemini’s life. Stimulating conversations are what makes life worth living for them. The loquacious sign is sure to express endless gratitude for the friends they have found and the satisfaction they find every day talking to them.

Gemini Thanksgiving Horoscope


Cancer’s most desired blessing is to be among close family members. And as the holiday season usually tends to bring families together, Cancers could not be more grateful. For them, spending time with the ones they love is the very essence of happiness.

The Crab is sure to gather everyone around a festive table loaded with food and enjoy long hours of talking about nothing in particular. The feeling of being a part of a greater, loving whole makes Cancer the happiest and the most grateful person in the world.

Cancer Thanksgiving Horoscope


Leos do not eagerly confess what their greatest blessing is, but if they are pressed to do so, they will mention some trifle they have recently received. But in fact, Leos are most grateful to people who appreciate them, and they only mention a trinket because it reminds them of the person who presented them with it.

Good thoughts about other people are very valuable for the Lion. Strong and proud, Leo still needs to feel approval, to know that someone loves them, to produce a good impression. If Leo knows they are appreciated and sees proof of the fact, they will feel the happiest.

Leo Thanksgiving Horoscope


Virgo doesn’t ask much from life; the sign settles for minimal comfort and pleasure. This is why they are genuinely grateful for almost everything they get, not matter how small or mundane it is. It’s a blessing to have so many blessings; unfortunately, not every sign needs so little.

However, the greatest of all blessings for Virgo is health, especially of the ones they love. As long as their friends and family members are well, Virgos are thankful to the universe and ask for nothing more than their well-being.

Virgo Thanksgiving Horoscope


There is no problem in spotting Libra’s blessing – it most certainly is love. Libra is the sign that lives to love; without a romantic partner the Scales feel lost. A love interest is an essential attribute of Libra’s life balance. Something as elusive as the first date may make Libra feel blessed.

The Scales are not born to spend time alone; they need someone they can trust and rely on, a balance weight that will change their state from precarious to stable. It’s like a boarding pass to Noah’s Ark. Being part of a romantic union is Libra’s greatest blessing.

Libra Thanksgiving Horoscope


Scorpio is obsessed with presentiments, but, to do them justice, they are almost always right – they can see if something is about to go wrong ahead of time. That said, the greatest blessing for Scorpios is to feel calm and to rest assured knowing that everything will be alright.

To have a peace of mind, Scorpios have to make sure that everybody is present and safe, that no one has even made a hint to worry. Something as trivial as an unusual squint can be interpreted as an alarming sign. But if everything goes as planned and Scorpio does not see the slightest deviation, they will be the happiest.

Scorpio Thanksgiving Horoscope


Sagittarians see wonders around each corner. They enjoy the change of weather, observe nature with admiration, adore animals and know that they can choose from a hundred of fast food options if and when they feel hungry. Life is a miracle, isn’t it?

For Sag, the greatest blessing is to be living here and now. It’s hard for them to say what exactly they are grateful for, because they highly appreciate everything and everyone they have in life. But if one presses Sag for an answer, they would say they are thankful to have such a wonderful pet, especially if the latter has recently recovered from an illness.

Sagittarius Thanksgiving Horoscope


It’s in Capricorn’s blood to climb the mountains (or ladders) to reach success. They keep moving uphill until they get to the place they have pictured themselves in. For Capricorns, financial security is probably the greatest blessing life can give.

However, a work promotion will also be inspirational enough to boost Capricorn’s enthusiasm. It’s important for them to feel that they are making progress at work. Capricorn will be thankful for their career-related success, no matter if it was luck or their effort that helped achieve it.

Capricorn Thanksgiving Horoscope


Aquarius is sure that the greatest blessing one can have in life is friends. But they will hardly admit it and, when pressed for an answer, say that the thing they are most thankful for is a new-fangled gadget they’ve recently got.

Don’t get offended, though! After saying that, Aquarius will laugh heartily and say “Gee, of course it is you! I wouldn’t be so happy without a friend like you!” And this will be the truth. Friends are able to make Aquarius the happiest zodiac individual of all!

Aquarius Thanksgiving Horoscope


Pisces live in a world that is green and easy, this is why their perspective of life and regular things is very different from the one that is generally accepted. It’s hard to say what will be the greatest blessing for them at a given time, because their interests and values change non-stop.

One year the greatest blessing for Pisces can be self-denying help; this is why they will feel happy when volunteering at an animal shelter. Another time they can be most thankful for something as simple as the film version of their fave childhood book. Their greatest blessing is perhaps the fact that life does not stand still and they can enjoy different things every day and share the joy with the ones they love.

Pisces Thanksgiving Horoscope
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