Summer Vacation Ideas for All Signs

By Nataly Porter Sep 27, 2021
Turn the hottest season of the year into the happiest one!
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Everybody is happy to have a vacation, and summer is definitely the hottest holiday season of the year. Would you like to spend your summer vacation in the best possible way? 

Awesome holiday tips for all signs

Plan and organize your best hot summer vacation with these easy yet helpful zodiac tips! Read the tips for your sign and go pack your bags!


Rams are probably the most active zodiac signs, which means they love to spend more time outdoors skiing, hiking, or riding a bike. When choosing your summer vacation destination keep this fact in mind, and opt for the places that can offer surfing, diving, rowing, or fishing opportunities.

A holiday for you is a good chance to run away from the monotony of work and family life, too. You like the hotels that offer night entertainment like nightclubs and partying. However, you often love to spend time alone, so make sure you’ll be able to stay away from people and responsibilities at least from time to time during your vacation.

Summer Vacation Ideas for Aries


For you having a good rest from work means enjoying the luxury of the places and things that surround you. You like to spend time at a historic inn, walking around beautiful old castles and smelling blossoming flowers. Another alluring option is visiting a health or spa resort where you’re sure to feel like a king or queen.

Gourmet foods are an indispensable part of your perfect summer vacation, too, so spare no effort to choose the most well-known and reputable restaurants to make sure you consume the best dishes only. Planning is an important part of your whole vacation, though – you need to know every single detail beforehand to feel totally happy and relaxed.

Summer Vacation Ideas for Taurus


For you no vacation can do without extra intellectual stimulation, so please keep it in mind when choosing the best activity for your summer holiday. You may decide to visit a big city and spend all days long walking around it or take a trip to a famous historical monument or ancient ruin.

Walking tours are the very thing that helps you realize your vacation wasn’t spent in vain. Remember to take a camera if you want to make sure these precious moments will stay not only in your memory. The more you learn during your holiday the more satisfied your brain becomes. To feel even better, travel with a person who shares your viewpoint.

Summer Vacation Ideas for Gemini


To make your holiday especially romantic and memorable, try to choose an old city located close to a water body for your destination. Good options include Alexandria, Venice, and New York – think which of them suits your expectations more. Make sure you have a good restaurant recommendation beforehand not to waste time looking for a suitable place to eat.

Try to plan your journey around the Full Moon, as this time period is especially adventurous for Cancer representatives. Besides, Cancerians are the well-known sentimental souls of the zodiac – you’ll get a lot of pleasure if you visit one or some of the places you’ve already been to. 

Summer Vacation Ideas for Cancer


Leo, the King of the Zodiac, needs a vacation full of glitz and glamor. The best options for such a person include Las Vegas, Monaco, or Los Angeles. In case you’re eager to wake up your inner child you may choose a safari, an eco-tour, or even a trip to Disney World – just make sure you make this journey with a person who shares your love for the scariest rides!

It’s not the place itself that matters more, but the way you’ll be treated there. Las Vegas hotels can boast of unbelievable royal suits that are destined to satisfy your bravest wishes, especially if you’re planning to gamble nonstop. Special services are included!

Summer Vacation Ideas for Leo


Virgo people love to plan everything in advance, and the same can be said about your summer journey. The destinations that will suit you best are the most exotic countries of the world – Egypt, India, Peru, etc. Don’t forget to find a local guide who will show you the best places to eat, relax, and go shopping.

The unusual customs and traditions of such colorful locations are sure to make you feel excited. Make sure you include as many activities as possible in your vacation because it will enable you to spend it with the maximum pleasure. Including a health spa into the schedule will only make it more pleasing and relaxing.

Summer Vacation Ideas for Virgo


You’ll hardly prefer lying in a secluded villa during your summer holiday, as you’re a sociable person who wants his or her holiday destination to be sophisticated and stimulating. Noisy capitals loved by many tourists are the thing that will suit you best – think of something like Rio, London, or Paris.

You will definitely prefer to start with shopping and visiting the most renowned world museums and then go to a luxurious old-fashioned hotel where you’ll be able to relax surrounded by the beautiful elements of the past. Being a romantic person, you’re sure to spend these days with your significant other making the holiday special for both of you.

Summer Vacation Ideas for Libra


When a Scorpio person is going on a vacation, he or she will surely leave no forwarding number because the thing he/she appreciates most is privacy. Besides, a holiday destination is not merely a place of rest for Scorpio reps – it’s more like an opportunity to leave everyday routine behind and spend some time alone.

A good option for you is a private beach bungalow on St. John, although it’s not the only one. Your love of mystery can be satisfied if you decide to visit Salem, Massachusetts and take part in an organized ghost tour there. If you think of something even more adventurous, opt for an archeological dig in some distant and ancient place.

Summer Vacation Ideas for Scorpio


You love faraway locations and would enjoy taking a trip abroad, so jump at the chance this summer! Even a prospect of spending time in the Third World countries doesn’t scare you – vice versa, it attracts you by its novelty and extravagance and becomes a part of a wonderful adventure.

Another interesting opportunity for you is taking a long camping trip. Just rent an RV and go to a picturesque location like Glacier National Park or Yellowstone Park. Nepal is a great variant, too, if you’re not afraid of remote destinations and long walks.

Summer Vacation Ideas for Sagittarius


What you need most this summer is an opportunity to visit as distant and wild a location as possible. You’re tired of civilization, so a trip to a mountain resort will help you get rid of excessive anxiety and make your thoughts clearer. Another good idea for a Capricorn native is visiting an antique sale, as you’re sincerely fond of beautiful ancient things.

In case you’re eager to recollect your old childhood memories, take a trip to your childhood haunt – you’ll never regret the idea. Although it’s not so easy for you to forget about work, one of the best variants to make you do so is to visit some luxurious places like hotels in Paris or New York. Who can resist such entertainment?

Summer Vacation Ideas for Capricorn


Aquarians are the people who appreciate unique travel experience more than anything, so a regular packaged tour isn’t the thing you need. Instead, think of something like a boat trip through the Amazon or a mountain hiking tour. Another appealing idea is a visit to the Galapagos Islands, because you like to take care of the environment.

You can also spend your vacation days helping others, as Aquarius natives are good volunteers. If you decide to devote some time to clearing trails in a local park or working on an organic farm you will not only deserve the gratitude of others but will also feel completely satisfied with your activity.

Summer Vacation Ideas for Aquarius


Pisces people are the zodiac dreamers who need a vacation to be organized in the way that would suit their most romantic wishes. What is going to become your best recreational activity is something that involves meditation and prayer; besides, a meeting with an artist or a musician will be a real source of inspiration for you.

You belong to the people who love to spend time alone; for them having a good rest means visiting a vacation resort off-season as it presupposes no people, no mess, and no fuss. Being a Water sign, you like to spend many hours close to water bodies. Think of something like a sunset boat trip to satisfy all your senses.

Summer Vacation Ideas for Pisces
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