Sleeping Patterns of Every Zodiac Sign

By Nataly Porter Sep 15, 2021
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Every zodiac sign has its habits, preferences and behavioral patterns, and sleeping peculiarities are not an exception. How do you or your partner usually sleep? What do you mostly dream of? The answers to this and more can be found below.

How to have a great night’s sleep?

Read on to learn how much sleep you need and how to fix your sleeping problems!


Aries people frequently suffer from mental health problems and are often ruled by Mars energy urging them to do everything fast and always be the first. To have a good sleep every night, they’re to exercise a lot during the day and splash out the excess energy.

In this way, Aries representatives remind hyperactive children who can’t fall asleep until they’re exhausted enough. Most often people born under the sign sleep only 4-5 hours at night as their thoughts prevent them from sleeping more. If you want your sleep to be calm, try to sleep in cool rooms turning on soothing music, or sounds of nature.

Healthy sleep tips for Aries


Taurus people are ruled by Venus, the planet of love, and to sleep well, they need a cozy room filled with the things able to satisfy their sensuous appetite. On the other hand, it frequently happens that your partner dislikes this attitude to organizing things and wants to turn the bedroom into a messier place.

Be careful about your sleeping pills and pick them consciously. People born in April tend to suffer from various addictions; so if you can’t sleep well without a glass of wine or a pint of beer this may result in serious abuse. Control your wishes and learn to fall asleep without external help.

Healthy sleep tips for Taurus


Gemini natives are typically fond of communication; they are constantly on the move and walk in the clouds. Mercury, the ruler of the sign, helps them establish close and stable relationships. They often send email messages and then question themselves if they did wrong; if they don’t get an instant answer they can start thinking that the addressee hates them without even any reason. 

To have a great night’s sleep, a Gemini person needs to meditate more and have a good rest. Try not to think over every decision and every action you’ve made to avoid unnecessary worries. Calm yourself down with a cup of herbal tea before you go to bed if you want your sleep to be deep and bright.

Healthy sleep tips for Gemini


Cancerians are the well-known homebodies of the zodiac and therefore they sleep best when they sleep at home. Besides, the sign is ruled by the Moon, a planet responsible for the sleeping matters. It means Cancer natives either tend to sleep a lot or stay up for the whole night busy with some creative activity.

Cancer representatives love to wrap themselves up in a blanket and can spend the whole day staying in this position, as for people of the sign a blanket is like a shell for a crab. If you happen to have a business trip you can sometimes find it hard to fall asleep on the road, because to sleep well you need to be surrounded by your family members.

Healthy sleep tips for Cancer


Leos are happy when surrounded by their loved ones, and they can have a good night’s sleep only with a partner by their side. They are known for their passion for fashion, too, and love to sleep in cozy rooms filled with sensual details.

People of this sign choose the sheets of the most famous and luxurious brands, so if your partner is a Leo you needn’t worry about the quality of your bedlinen. They can spend the whole night chatting with the loved one and prefer to sleep on their back.

Healthy sleep tips for Leo


Being an earth sign, Virgo people are similar to Taurus ones and also like beautiful apartments and community. But Virgo is also ruled by Mercury, a planet responsible for mind, and it makes them worry about dozens of trifles at once.

People born under the sign tend to be over-occupied with lots of things from bills to work emails and frequently analyze everything with their neurotic and critical mind. It causes nightmares connected to their job; to get rid of them, Virgo natives can read a bedtime journal and try to sleep more than 3 hours per night.

Healthy sleep tips for Virgo


Libra people are representatives of an air sign who love balance and equilibrium. For them, every part of their life is equally important whether it be home, work, adventures or spiritual pursuits. That’s why the good design of their bedroom is as essential for them as the high quality of the bed and the bedlinen.

Despite the fact Libra natives are more grounded than the representatives of other air signs, you should still be careful and not build too many castles in the air. Don’t spend the night looking at your phone’s screen and try to sleep neither too little nor too much.

Healthy sleep tips for Libra


The main problem Scorpio natives may face is the influence of their planetary ruler – Mars. It fills the sign with “dark energy” and turns its representatives into night owls whose behavior is frequently predetermined by their mood. 

It’s typical of a Scorpio person to go to bed too late because of the deep thoughts and obsessions that occupy their minds. If you feel you’re not happy enough you should probably sleep more to avoid hypersomnia. Try meditation, too – it can become a great healing practice for you.

Healthy sleep tips for Scorpio


Sagittarians love to spend their days dreaming about distant places and traveling. Being a fire sign representatives, they are constantly on the move and don’t need much rest to feel good. But as a result, they often start feeling tired after a long busy period and prefer to be calmer during the day and to travel at night.

This is a warning sign that indicates that you need to start curing your restless soul. You often have meaningful dreams about wonderful destinations, so keep a dream journal to avoid unnecessary excitement at night. It’s much better to put your ideas into practice than to keep them in your mind!

Healthy sleep tips for Sagittarius


Capricorn natives are typically practical and take their live very seriously. They feel and understand that sleep is an important constituent of their wellbeing and do their best to have calm restful nights. This is good as you know what you’re doing and avoid possible problems with sleep.

But at the same time, you’re prone to stress just as all the representatives of all other zodiac signs, so try to stick to your rational way of thinking even when it seems hard. If you feel you’re becoming more restless, be more careful – this may lead to insomnia and other sleep disorders.

Healthy sleep tips for Capricorn


Aquarius people’s minds are always occupied with thinking and dreaming. They’re the rulers of the zodiac and need a lot of sleep to feel good. They often spend time dreaming about new discoveries and technological advancements and it may make it hard for them to fall asleep at once.

The best piece of advice for Aquarians is to have enough rest before bedtime. You can start meditating as yoga helps us relax and reach inner peace. How to make your sleep even more productive? Read a good book before going to bed and go easy on social networks!

Healthy sleep tips for Aquarius


What do the starry-eyed Pisces natives dream about? For the people born under this sign, dreams are truly healing and analyzing them Pieces natives can benefit a lot. Despite the fact scientists say that our night dreams are mostly based on our thoughts, only a Pisces representative is able to see the secret message hidden in them.

Pisces people frequently suffer from nightmares and to get rid of them you can keep your dream diary. Find some room and time for meditation to restore your energy. Sleep more if you want to feel great during the day and make sure you go to bed with positive thoughts in your mind!

Healthy sleep tips for Pisces
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