Secrets of a Happy Family: Best Activity Ideas for Your Sign

By Nataly Porter Sep 27, 2021
Learn how to organize a perfect get-together for your family!
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People love to spend time in a family circle because it helps them to restore the balance of their nervous system, forget about work-related stress and have fun with their closest ones. But does it sometimes happen so that your family activities look unadventurous or even annoying? Then you’ve probably chosen wrong ones! 

Top activities to do with your family, based on your sign

What does your perfect quality time with your partner, kids or parents look like? Look through your Top Family Activities Horoscope and find out how to always have a great time with your close ones!


You belong to one of the sportiest zodiac signs, which means you want all your close ones to be involved in as many physical activities as possible. You encourage your parents to go in for sports with you and like it when your children play all sorts of games. You’ll always willingly join them and try to win!

The perfect family time for you is traveling together and searching for the most uncommon activities one can imagine. If you want to have a moment of peace together with your partner or other family members, you’d like to spend it sharing your most wonderful dreams.

Fun family time for Aries


Do you want to make the evening with your family perfect? Prepare a lot of food and make sure it’s delicious. Having a good hearty meal together with the people you love is the best possible choice for a Taurus person, as they enjoy pleasure and a good company more than anything.

Indulging your senses is your primary goal in life, and it’s not only about taste. Light aromatherapy candles, turn on some quiet inspirational music and give each other massages to feel absolutely happy, relaxed and motivated. This is a great idea for young couples, but the majority of other families can modify and use it in the way they like.

Fun family time for Taurus


The most typical features of a Gemini person are volubility and changeability, so make sure you take this information into account when thinking about the ideal quality time for yourself and your family. Gather the members of your family together and offer some intriguing and controversial subjects for discussion. But be careful not to start quarreling if you have different views to the issues discussed!

Another choice for a talkative Gemini person and his/her family is word games, but choose the ones that don’t last for too long as you’ll quickly get bored by them. You can also talk about your plans for the coming holidays and try to choose the best location and activities for the perfect celebration.

Fun family time for Gemini


Cancerians are the representatives of the zodiac who appreciate family and family activities more than anything else. Your ideal evening with your close ones is a get-together around the fire when everyone is happy and relaxed. The range of actions you can choose for such a gathering is surprisingly huge.

You can think about the past days you spent together watching photo albums or your own videos. You can also pick out an old comedy or a heart-piercing drama and spend time crying over the characters’ tough luck together. Or you can select a board game that suits all the family members and spare a couple of hours to find out who of you is the best here and now!

Fun family time for Cancer


You love to spend time in a lively and even bizarre manner, and you want your close ones to share your views on what an exciting family holiday looks like. To feel totally happy you have to add an element of adventure and intrigue to all your family parties, games, and meals. 

As a naturally born leader, you enjoy it more than anything when you lead your family members to something new and teach them how to have fun. Just make sure they love what they’re doing as much as you do and try to invent new adventuristic activities able to suit people of different characters.

Fun family time for Leo


People of your sign feel happier when they’re occupied with something, which means you like practical family activities that have a visible result. Which ones would suit you more? Think of something like cooking or gardening together, because these things will allow you to see the results of your actions pretty soon.

If you and your close people like going in for sports opt for exercising together at least from time to time. Although you won’t see the result at once your progress will still be eventually visible. What can be better than sharing the common pride and being inspired by what you’ve achieved together? 

Fun family time for Virgo


You’re a well-known people person, so your perfect family get-togethers should always include some interaction like pleasant chats, paying compliments, or exchanging some fashion tips. You can discuss every possible thing and this is good, because you’ll find a thing to talk about with every member of your family.

You know well what each of your close people likes to speak about and you are ready to discuss it, too. Another interesting topic for you is the world at large, and you can spend hours talking about the innovations that should be introduced and mistakes that should be corrected.

Fun family time for Libra


You dislike shallow people and shallow activities, that’s why your family is destined to participate in profound actions you choose for them. These can involve challenging games, serious drama movies, or wild rock or jazz music not every person can genuinely enjoy.

Your task here is to teach them how to treat these activities and show them that “unconventional” doesn’t necessarily mean “bad” or “dangerous”. However, as a naturally born Scorpio, you have enough power of the mind to cope with the hard task and help your close ones look at the world from a totally different perspective.

Fun family time for Scorpio


The activity that attracts you more than anything is traveling, and you’d be happy to share your tastes with your closest people. The members of your family would love to spend time reading travel brochures or making their own plans for the closest holidays. Give them a chance to feel they can help you in the uneasy task of making your wildest dreams come true!

Other options you can select from when thinking about your perfect family quality time are some outdoor activities like horseback riding, skating, skiing or playing volleyball. You can try any of them any time you want to and see that it’s much more fun to be occupied with these things together than doing them alone.

Fun family time for Sagittarius


Capricorns are typically not so good at relaxing and it often happens that you don’t let yourself, your friends and your family members loosen up and feel at ease during your gatherings. You tend to push too hard both emotionally and physically; so it’s time to have a rest from limits and restraint that surround you in your everyday life.

Don’t be afraid of indulging in delicious food, beautiful music, and pleasant walks in the open. Don’t miss your chance to spend wonderful quality time with your close ones, talk to them and prove to them you’re not a sad apple! Be sure that they will only be pleased to look at you from a new, different perspective.

Fun family time for Capricorn


You feel happiest when you’re calm and relaxed, so your ideal family weekend should be organized so that no one bothers you. Your family members can do whatever they like: feed themselves out of the fridge, talk to each other, listen to you or play games.

But there are still some things you care about: the games you choose are to be high-tech, and the music you’re listening to should be cutting-edge or folk. You’re able to stay calm in almost any situation, but it doesn’t mean you’re ready to accept everything you’re offered.

Fun family time for Aquarius


Your sensitive nature prevents you from organizing noisy parties and starting harsh disputes; you appreciate your own comfort and the comfort of your family more than anything else. You prefer to chill out without much effort and would like your family members to have a similar attitude to life.

Your family dinners are always unhurried and accompanied by quiet music in the background. Even the sports and games that you choose for the family gatherings are always peaceful and leave your close people no room for argument. Try to preserve the tradition, as it makes your family even stronger and more consolidated.

Fun family time for Pisces
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