Scary Zodiac: What is Your Sign’s Worst Fear?

By Tassie Zingaro Sep 27, 2021
Everyone has a reasonable or irrational fear they have to overcome every day. Dare to know and embrace yours!
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You know a lot about the positive qualities your sign has given you. Now it’s time to embrace your darkest fears! 

Face your sign’s biggest fears!

Face the truth to learn how you can overcome each of them! Or maybe you can flip them over and turn into motivation! Let’s find out now!


Aries are used to being strong up to the point of invincibility. They rush head first into any battle, victory being the only acceptable outcome. A lost fight gives enough reason for frustration, but Aries’ greatest fear is a friend lost over a fight. However, the Ram is so stubborn and ambitious that he/she will first go all lengths to win, only to realize afterwards that friendship is way more valuable than proving a point.  

Another thing that Aries fear is death. They are afraid to waste away the time they have, to regret some of the life choices they made along the way, this is why they also dread the future.

Aries worst fear


Taureans value, need and crave comfort. They do everything it takes to create a warm atmosphere around themselves, and this does not only depend on how good their relationships are. They need good food, a quality wool blanket, a crackling designer fireplace and other things like that to feel comfortable. And these things are not cheap. Being unable to sustain their lifestyle is almost deadly.  This is why Taurus’ biggest fear is financial instability. 

Another thing that Taurus dreads is loneliness. Being extremely extroverted, they need to communicate, to be around people. Unfortunately, this fear often leads to getting stuck in a toxic relationship just for the sake of having someone to talk to.

Taurus worst fear


Gemini likes to have numerous options, to feel free to change their mind whenever they want to, because it’s not in their nature to stick to decisions and promises. The reason for that would also be the greatest fear of the Twins – the fear of making decisions. What if they change their mind? What if the circumstances change? What if … whatever. There will always be something Gemini will choose to do instead of the thing they are doing right now, even if they previously had the strongest determination to go through with it.

Another thing that Gemini dreads is bad health. They need to accomplish as many things as they can during their life; this is why they need to be sure they will still have enough strength for activities and adventures in their mature years.  


Gemini worst fear


Cancers love the security of their home; they seldom leave their comfort zone and hate to embrace everything unfamiliar. They could even be diagnosed with classic agoraphobia, but the irony of the situation is that agoraphobia is the fear of being trapped and unable to escape. But the Crab loves the confines of their own home, and leaving it is their worst fear. 

Another thing that Cancer can’t take is rejection. They are afraid to lose authority, if they have it, and equally afraid to strive for authority if it will include stepping out of the comfort zone.

Cancer worst fear


Leo needs to be seen and feel valued. Being ignored is the sign’s worst fear, but most Leos know how to work with it: they dress to impress, speak and act expressively. The Lion will never agree to be the tree that falls in the forest unheard and unseen.  They need their existence to be recognized; otherwise they might think they do not make any difference in the world. 

There is probable nothing else that Leo is afraid of. They are lucky to have the shortest fear list of all zodiac signs. 

Leo worst fear


Virgos need their home to be tidy and their life to be organized. Be it their desk, wardrobe, or thoughts, a slightest disorder is a huge disaster, especially since Virgo naturally tends to see the negative side of things and get pessimistic. It is the fear of imperfection that drives them to stay organized: when Virgos see a mess, they start wondering if they are a mess, too.   

Another thing that Virgo dreads is loneliness. Moreover, socializing is not their strong suit, so Virgo is ready to do almost anything to be in a relationship, no matter how toxic it actually is. 

Virgo worst fear


Thanks to their loving, passionate personality, Libras are very good at building relationships. They make exceptional romantic partners, this is why it is extremely hard to picture them alone. And there is hardly anything that frightens Libra more than being alone. They need a lifetime partner to feel happy; otherwise they will perpetually be overwhelmed with gloom.

Another thing that Libras hate is conflict. They have enough drama in their life as it is, so there is no need in another intense moment. 

Libra worst fear


Scorpio is a mystery, dark, complex, and puzzling. They are extremely sensitive, but rarely give out any sign of emotion because their feelings are so intense they are almost paralyzing. Scorpio’s worst fear is the fear of intimacy, because a relationship includes opening up to your partner. Too often this fear drives Scorpio to emotionally withdraw from their relationship or cheat on their partner to nip intimacy in the bud. 

Another thing that Scorpio dreads is failure, which is ironic, because everything they do is extremely meticulous. 

Scorpio worst fear


Sagittarian adventurous nature drives them to wander and explore. In fact, this desire to roam the world and look for personal truths results from the Archer’s worst fear – the fear of enclosed spaces. They can’t be confined to a single location or a fixed routine. Daily responsibilities seem to be a torture because they limit Sagittarius’ freedom.

Another thing that Sagittarius is afraid of is lack of money. They need quite a budget to feed their free spirit with adventures, so they will literally do anything to increase their funds.

Sagittarius worst fear


Capricorns are addicted to work; their mind is always attuned to business ideas. They have every bit of ambition, ability and determination it takes to climb the career ladder, but this ascent will always be overshadowed by the fear of failure. However, at times this fear becomes a positive influence that does not let Capricorn drop guard and reverse the progress they’ve made.

Another thing that Capricorn hates is criticism, especially if it takes place in public. As they strive to make the world a better place, Capricorns need to believe in their powers.

Capricorn worst fear


Aquarius’ most valuable freedom is freedom of thought, which makes the fear of losing their independence their worst fear. They can’t stand being trapped in a tiny world – at school, at work, in a marriage, or, say, in hospital. Aquarius would never sign up to share a ‘group mind’; they need to be exclusive to feel happy or at least at ease.

Another thing that the Water Bearer fears is bad luck. This irrational fear makes every Friday the 13th a day spent in hell.

Aquarius worst fear


Pisces are dreamers of the zodiac, young at heart, but way too wise and mature for their age. Their creativity is a firework, blazing, voluminous and immense, but this gift comes with a penalty – the fear of responsibility. An eternal kid like Pisces is totally unable to deal with the everyday events of real life, this is why so many Fishes try to escape and end up as addicts.

Another thing that Pisces can’t stand is being lonely. They need a soul mate to exist effectively. The worst thing Pisces can think of is spending their life alone or with a wrong person.

Pisces worst fear
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